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Social Studies

The Iceman Otzi, Discovered with a copper axe
Archeologists Scientists who study objects to learn about past people and cultures
History Written and recorded events of people
New Stone Age Farming
Ziggurat Sumerian temples where they believed the gods descended on earth
Hammurabi Created the Babylonian Empire, Hammurabi's code
Phoenicia Snail and cedar wood, present day Jerusalem
Tanakh Jewish Bible
Cataract A large waterfall; rock-filled rapids
Delta Plain at the mouth of the river
Pyramid Huge building with 4 triangle - shaped sides
Mummy Dead body preserved in lifelike condition
Silt Fine soil found on the bottom of rivers
Regent Some one who rules for a child until they are old enough
Pharaoh Kings of Egypt
Dynasty Series of rulers from the same family or ethnic group
Oracle Sacred site where it is believed the gods spoke
Plague Wide-spread disease
Epic Long, story-telling poem
Agora Public market place and meeting place in Greece
Vendor Seller of goods
City-State City with its own traditions, government, and laws
Tragedy Type of drama that ends in disaster
Sparta City-state in ancient Greece
Tyrant Ruler who takes power by force
Philosopher Someone who uses reason to understand the world
Athens City-state in Greece ; capital of Greece
Blockade Action taken to isolate the enemy and cut off supplies
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