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When Britain sold goods to U.S below American prices to hurt our economy, it is called? dumping
Which nickname was given to Andrew Jackson during his presidency? Old Hickory
When president Monroe was in Boston a newspaper described? The Era of Good Feelings
In a supreme court decision about Cherokees what did the chief justice rule? Cherokees got to keep their land and what they were doing in Georgia was illegal
The practice of appointing supporters and friends to political jobs in the government was called? spoiling system
Who was the French leader from the south who agreed for the right of the state to nullify a new law that they believed held true? John C. Calhoun
What is the effect of high tariff? they make imported goods more expensive
What important supreme court rule gave us the law that a state cant violate a federal law? Mculley vs. Maryland
What was the kitchen cabinet? President Jackson's advisors
Which groups are more likely to be on the democratic party? poor, frontier farmers
What does nullification mean? states right to refuse to follow a national law that they feel is unjust.
President Jackson opposed of banking the united States because? all of the reasons
Which of the following to be a bad choice to punch in the face because he would get ticked off easily? Andrew Jackson
Which of the men led the fight of the tariff of abomination in the South? John C. Calhoun
What American policy stated that no European nations are allowed to come over here and mess with the national powers? Monroe Doctrine
Which one of Jackson's traits did people in the west like about him? he lived on the frontier
What word means to leave? secede
Which of the following Is true about Jackson? his military experience was long and successful
What word means to not follow a certain law? power of nullification
supporters of John Quincy Adams were called? wigs
Andrew Jackson represented what party? the democratic party
The force march of the removal of many native Americans was called? The trail of tears?
What animal became representation of the democratic party because of Andrew? donkey
What means the right to vote? suffrage
definition caucas
Who wanted to be president but never got it? Henry Clay
Who was known as the liberator of South America? Simon Bolivar
White settlers wanted the Cherokees land because? the land was executed for growing cotton
Who would be more likely to support Jackson? immigrants and people from the frontier
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