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Chapter 23

Woodrow Wilson and the Great War

What did Woodrow Wilson assume that all nations knew about foreign states? the United States had no wish to injure any foreign state
In 1911, what dictator did the liberal coalition overthrow? Porfirio Diaz
Wilson demanded that Huerta hold free what as the price of American mediation in the continuing civil war? elections
What mexican rebel was almost impossible to catch? Pancho Villa
Neutrals could trade freely with any belligerent under what? international law
In order to search for goods headed for the enemy, neutral merchant ships were forced into what forts? British or French
What were the Germans portrayed as? ruthless barbarians
The Germans conducted a propaganda campaign in the US, but they labored under severe handicaps and won few what? converts
The British declared all what to be contraband of war? all commodities and nearly all foodstuffs
The immense expansion of what made an embargo unthinkable? American trade with the Allies
During the first months of the Great War, the Germans were not especially concerned about neutral trade or American goods because they expected to what? to crush the Allied armies quickly
Torpedoes launched from below the surface without warning often result in a what? heavy loss of life
In February 1915, the Germans declared the waters surrounding the British Isles a what? zone of war
Wilson won presidency in 1912 only because the Republican party had what? split in two
Who said there must be "peace without victory?" Woodrow Wilson
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