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"I told the Second Continental Congress that the 13 colonies no longer owed loyalty to the British king." Richard Henry Lee
"I headed the committee that wrote the Articles of Confederation." John Dickinson
"I was the main writer of the Declaration of Independence." Thomas Jefferson
The Commander of the Continental Army. George Washington
One of the people who planned the Boston Tea Party Samuel Adams
Organized the committees of Correspondence Samuel Adams
Who met after the fighting at Lexington and Concord? Second Continental Congress
How did the continental army differ from militias? The continental army had full time soldiers
What document asked Britain's King George III for peace? Olive Branch Petition
After which battle did the King of England want to crush the American rebellion? Battle of Bunker Hill
Where was the French and Indian War fought North America
What side did the American's fight for in the French and Indian War? The French
What was one of the main causes of the boycott of Brittish goods? The Stamp act
What where benefits of declaring war against the Brittish? Gave American independent rights
What were costs to declaring war? If they lost they would be committing treason,
What year was the Declaration of Independence signed 1776
What document declared freedom from the Brittish rule? Declaration of Independence
The Sons of Liberty protested an English Tax by protesting at an event called what? The Boston Tea Party
A set of English Acts that were made to punish the colonists after the Boston Tea Party Coercive Acts
Meeting of government figures from the continents. First Continental Congressd
How many colonies where there at the time of the American Revolution? 13
Brittish soldiers fire shots at a crowd of colonists in Boston before the war for indepenence begins Boston Massacre
First colonist killed in the Boston Massacre Crispus Attucks
Here's the bottom line Gabi---Colonist felt they were being mistreated and charged too much for things they wanted to buy in their every day life. England, continued to charge them more and more for their things--Go to the next slide next slide
England also had soldiers in American cities. These soldiers treated colonist poorly,. The Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party set things in motion to lead to the first continental congress to stop trading with Britain and create militias next slide
This made Britain angry, and they sent forces to Lexington and Concord which created the first official battle of American Revolutionary War. The Second Continental Congress then formed and created a Continental Army to fight the British. next slide
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