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Viking Test

What were the dark ages? Dark Ages = AD 476 – 900 or 1000 AD. Time of barbarism, mass migration, economic and educational retreat: public works, courts, education, written records, coinage/trade largely disappeared (in Europe); Poor public health
What are Germanic people people of a common culture, similar language, physical characteristics who invaded Western Roman Europe.
Who conquered Europe after the fall of the Romans? – Germanic peoples controlled most of Europe after the fall of Rome but not as one empire
What countries were overrun by Germanic tribes Italy, Britain, Spain & North Africa
Why was there a mass movement of tribes? tribes seeking better lands, safer environment, or loot.
Were the tribes permanently tied to the land? No, Their whole village could be packed up and moved.
What were their huts like? long and narrow
What about the animals kept the vikings homes warm? Their body heat and their droppings (poop).
What are Pagans? gods closely linked with battle and hunting or nature; gods were violent and angry; human sacrifice common.
What religion came to Ireland? Christianity
Who founded the Irish church? Saint Patrick – an escaped slave boy trained in Britain. He returned to Ireland and converted the Celts to Christianity.
What did monks do? They made and sold things.
What were the Books of Kells? an illustrated version of the Four Gospels (most people couldn’t read)
What was Charles Martel's nick name? The Hammer
Who had conquered North Africa and Spain and were hoping to dominate all Europe (weaken Christianity) The Muslims
What did Charles Martel do in 732 AD? Charles led a smaller Frankish army against invading Muslims from North Africa. He won the Battle of Tours.
What is the name of Martels grandson? Martel’s grandson, (Charlemagne), later became king of the Franks.
What is Charlemagne known for? Charlemagne fought many aggressive campaigns; absorbed many Germanic peoples.United northern/western Europe under his rule. Rule much of modern day Germany, France, and Italy. France = Land of the Franks.
What was Charlemagne named? Named ‘Holy Roman Emperor’ by Pope Leo III on Christmas Day – 800 A.D. This was nothing like the old Roman Empire – this more Political
What was something that Charlemagne very much encouraged? Learning
What is Feudalism? Kings gave land and honors to Tenants-in-chief (nobles). King “owns” all.
What was the nobles job? Nobles (Baron, Duke, Count, Earl…) sent tax money to the King and ruled their portion in the King’s name.
What were knights? really good warriors who served the Nobles.
What were Freedman? skilled laborers could sell goods for money (own property).
What were Peasants? worked the land; had few rights. Worked their land and the lord’s land. Had to give all service and taxes when asked.
What were Vikings? Vikings were fierce raiders who troubled Europe but brought important changes too.
Were the Vikings organized? NOPE
Created by: AidenSays
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