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Douglas MacArthur Leads the war for the pacific
D-Day The day the US landed in Normandy, France and enters World War II
Riechstag Germany's Parliament
Mein Krampf "My Struggle"; Hitler's book that he wrote while in prison.
Lebensraum Hitler's idea that Aryans have the right to living space and therefore must expand
Blitzkrieg Lightning fast warfare used by Germany
Appeasement Policy that believes in satisfying the needs of a country that is threatening its own country.
Bataan Death March Made US soldiers march until they died
Non Aggression Pact A treaty that declared that Germany and Russia would not attack each other. The treaty was then broken by Germany.
Kamikaze Suicide fighters for japan. The Japanese word means divine wind which can also refer to a hurricane
Albert Speer Hitler's Architect
Yalta Conference The big three discuss what to do with post war Europe
Dresden Bombed city in Germany
Midway Biggest battle of the Pacific
The Final Solution The idea of a non-aryan free world
Created by: Henry Knecht