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Chapter 3

must know

returning from the war Canadian soldiers found their sacrifices seemed being reaped by the others
socialist people who believe that the production and distribution in a country are publicly owned and controlled for the benefit of all members of a society
the Winnipeg General Strike in May 1919,Winnipeg's metal and building workers walked off their jobs , demanding higher wages, less working time, and the right to collective bargaining
J.S. Woodsworth the founder of the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF), which later became the New Democratic Party (NDP)
King and Liberal minority government In the 1921 federal election, Mackenzie King and the liberal party won as a minority government
King pushes for independence In 1922, King refused to support Britain when it plans to invade Turkey
King-Byung crisis King publicly challenged Britain over its influence on Canada's internal politics
the Balfour Report at the Imperial Conference of 1926 that Canada made the greatest progress towards changing Canada;s legal dependence on Britain
Statue of Westminister recommendations of Balfour Report become law in 1931
British Empire was turned into the British Commonwealth Canada's BNA Act remained in Britain
the US invests in Canada's Economy branch plants-business owned and controlled by companies in the US, but operated in Canada
Agnes MacPhail only woman in House of Commons
the Persons Case Emily Murphy appointed magistrate in 1929: appeal to Privy Council in Britain
Group of Seven broke with traditional Canadian art ( cultural)
aboriginal discrimination aboriginal people could not cote in provincial or federal elections; their social and economic conditions on reserves were poor
stock market crash shift to the Great Depression of the 19 30s
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