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WW2 and Civil Rights

Term/QuestionDefinition/ Answer
Allied Powers United States, Great Britain, Soviet Union (Russia)
Axis Powers Germany, Italy, Japan
What caused the war to begin in Europe? Germany invaded Poland
What caused America to get involved in the war? Japan bombed Pearl Harbor (Hawaii)
How did new military training facilities in Louisiana contribute to the state? Provided jobs, Soldiers paychecks were spend in Louisiana (helping our economy)
How did war supplies and machinery contribute to Louisiana? Provided factory jobs, boosted our economy, and industrialized our economy.
How did the role of women and race relations change during the WWII? Women took over men's jobs and African Americans gained higher paying jobs.
How did rationing and shortages affect Louisiana's citizens? Limited citizens' freedoms and what consumers could buy.
What impact did the Higgins Boat have on WWII? Transported troops and military vehicles toopen beaches helping us win the war.
What impact did the port of New Orleans have on the WWII? Shipping crops and military supplies to allies helped to win the war
What impact did German U-boats have on American shipping in the gulf? Tried to cut off trade between American and allies (Great Britain)
What was the purpose of the literacy tests of the 1960s? To stop African Americans from voting in large numbers
What affect did the literacy test have on African Americans' ability to vote? Dramatically decreased the number of African Americans able to vote.
How did African Americans retaliate against the literacy tests? Protests and Boycotts
What was Ordinance 222? Eliminated reserved seating on busses, but bus drivers went onstrike
What was Ordinance 251? Only reserved seats on first and last rows of busses, the rest were free-game
How did African Americansretaliate against segregation on busses? Boycotted the busses by creating "Free-Rides"
What were Sit-Ins? A form of peaceful protest in which protesters sit and refuse to leave a premises
Who was Ruby Bridges? First black child to desegregate an all-white elementary school in New Orleans.
What was the Brown v. Board of Education court case about? Desegregating public schools
What was the verdict of the Brown v. Board case? Segregation of public schools were unfair and unconstitutional
What previous court case decision did the Brown v. Board case overturn? Plessy v. Ferguson
Created by: rott
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