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8th Cpt 11 RECON VOC


ANDREW JOHNSON ______________________________ _____________was the Vice President under Abraham Lincoln. He often clashed with Congress and made changes to Lincoln's Reconstruction Plan.
BATTLE OF LIBERTY PLACE The incident in which well-armed Republicans fought with White Leaguers who forced Republicans to retreat and took control of New Orleans government was known as the __________________ of_______________________ ___________________.
BLACK CODES a series of laws passed after the Civil War that restricted the freedmen's action were often called the __________________ _________________.
CARPETBAGGER the term applied to a northern white who moved into the South to help carry out Congress Reconstruction plan after the Civil War was known as a____________________________
COLFAX MASSACRE the _____________________________________ ___________________________ was a deadly riot that began when heavily armed white Democrats tried to remove elected Republicans from the Grant Parish Courthouse.
DISFRANCHISE to take away the right to vote is______________.
FREEDMEN after the Civil War______________or former slaves, wanted a better future, while planters wanted to restore the past.
FREEDMEN'S BUREAU the _____________________________________ ____________________________was created in 1865, which provided aid-food,clothing and basic medical care - to former slaves and other needy southerners. It also established schools.
HOME RULE _______________________________ __________________________is the term used to describe the return of white Democratic political control after Reconstruction.
IMPEACHMENT __________________________is the process of bringing charges of wrongdoing against a public official while that official is still in office.
KNIGHTS OF THE WHITE CAMELIA the secret organization that operated in Louisiana during military Reconstruction that used physical threats and violents to keep freedmen from voting or forcing them to vote for Democratic candidates.
MECHANICS' INSTITUTE RIOT the deadly 1866 confrontation as former slaves and Republicans battled former Confederate Democrats in New Orleans was known as the _________________ ______________________________________ ______________.
OSCAR J. DUNN the Lieutenant Governor elected in 1868 was ________________J._________________., the first black to be elected to a statewide office.
RADICAL REPUBLICAN members of Congress who thought that people of the South should be punished for seceding and causing the war were often known as ____________________________________ _______________________________________.
RECONSTRUCTION the period of time known as ___________________refers to the steps taken to restore the southern states to the Union and to rebuild the South.
REDEEMERS ____________________________are Democrats, who after Reconstruction, saw themselves as redeeming the southern honor as they brought back white Democratic political control.
TEN PERCENT PLAN the _______________ ____________________- _______________was devised by Lincoln and introduced in 1863. Under the terms, once ten percent of the number of men who voted in the 1860 election swore a loyalty oath to the Union, the state was allowed to form a new government,
WHITE LEAGUE the ______________________________ ______________________was established in 1874 by Redeemer Democrats to restore political power to the white Democrats from the Antebellum ers.
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