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Social Studies G4 Q4

When did the American Congress declared war on Spain? April 25, 1898
Who urged Aguinaldo to return to the Philippines after his exile in Hong Kong? Commodore George Dewey
When did General Emilio Aguinaldo established a dictatorial government? May 24, 1898
When did General Emilio Aguinaldo proclaimed the Philippine independence in the balcony of his residence in Kawit, Cavite? June 12, 1898
Where is the first Philippine flag made? Hong Kong
Who made the Philippine flag? Marcela M. Agoncillo Lorenza M. Agoncillo Josefina Herbosa de Natividad
Who is the niece of Dr. Jose Rizal who helped make the Philippine flag? Josefina Herbosa de Natividad
When was the Philippine flag first hoisted? June 12, 1898
Who is the lawyer-diplomat husband of Marcela Agoncillo? Felipe Agoncillo
Who composed the tune of the Philippine National Anthem? Julian Felipe
Who wrote the lyrics of the Philippine National Anthem? Jose Palma
What is the title of the poem that Jose Palma wrote that was used as the lyrics for the Philippine National Anthem? Pilipinas
Who translated Jose Palma's poem "Pilipinas" in English? Camilo Osias
What is the tagalog version of the Philippine National Anthem? Lupang Hinirang
Who is considered "The Brains of Katipunan" and was appointed adviser to Emilio Aguinaldo? Apolinario Mabini
When did General Emilio Aguinaldo changed the dictatorial government to a revolutionary government upon Mabini's advice? June 23, 1898
Who initiated the "Mock Battle of Manila" Commodore Dewey and General Wesley E. Merritt's forces
Who agreed to surrender Manila to America and insisted to have a mock battle in Manila to save the honor of Spain? Spanish Governor-General Fermin Jaudenes
When was the "Treaty of Paris" held? December 10, 1898
What ended the Spanish-American War? Treaty of Paris
The Filipinos were excluded from Manila after the Treaty of Paris. Therefore Aguinaldo declared this place as the capital of the Republic of the Philippines. Malolos
What was the agreement between Spain and America in the Treaty of Paris?
What was the content of the Treaty of Paris? *Spain would give up Philippines, Guam and Puerto Rico * US should pay $20 Million to Spain * The political and civil status of the ceded territories would be determined by the American Congress
When did Aguinaldo returned to the Philippines after his exile in Hong Kong to join The Americans against the Spaniards? May 19, 1898
Who performed the Philippine National Anthem during the declaration of Philippine Independence? San Francisco de Malabon Band
Who is the lawyer who authored the Declaration of Independence? Ambrosio Rianzares-Bautista
What are the 3 branches of the first Philippine Republic? * executive * judicial * legislative
When was the Malolos Congress inaugurated? September 15, 1898
Where was the Malolos Congress inaugurated? Barasoain Church
What was inaugurated on September 15, 1898 at the Barasoain Church? Malolos Congress
When was the first Philippine Republic proclaimed? January 23, 1899
When was the Malolos Constitution proclaimed? January 23, 1899
What was the first act of the Malolos Congress? *the ratification of the country's proclamation of independence * promulgation of the Malolos Constitution
What is the official newsletter of the Republic where Apolinario Mabini publish his writings? El Heraldo de la Revolucion (Herald of the Revolution)
Who are the members of the Malolos Congress? prominent families
When did the Americans fired the first shot that started the Filipino-American War? February 4, 1899
Where did the American sentry fired the first shot? Calle Sociego (the connecting road between Manila City boundary and Barrio Santol)
When did the Battle of Manila happened where the Americans bombarded Filipino fort at San Juan del Monte? February 5, 1899
Who led the attack of the American homes in the city during the "Battle of Manila"? General Antonio Luna
When did theAmericans captured Malolos? March 31, 1899
Where did Aguinaldo transferred the capital after Malolos was captured by the Americans? San Fernando, Pampanga
Who led the capturing of Malolos? General Arthur MacArthur
When did the Balangiga Massacre happen? September 28, 1901
The event where General Vicente Lukban's bolo men attacked the Americans in Samar? Balangiga Massacre
Who lead the Balangiga Massacre ? General Vicente Lukban
Who ordered the massacre of Filipinos in retaliation of the "Balangiga Massacre" and was court-martialled for his actions Genera Jake "Howling" Smith
Where did Aguinaldo established his camp which could only be accessed by Tirad Pass? Palanan, Isabela
When did the Battle of Tirad Pass happen? December 2, 1899
Who died during the Battle of Tirad Pass? General Gregorio de Pilar
Who lead the Battle of Tirad Pass? Major Peyton March
Who lead the capture of Aguinaldo? General Frederick Funston
When did Aguinaldo took oath in allegiance of the United States? April 1, 1901
Who was Aguinaldo's messenger who fell into the hands of General Frederick Funston which lead to the capture of Aguinaldo? Cecilio Segismundo
When was Aguinaldo captured and was received by General MacArthur at the Malacang palace? March 23, 1901
Who sailed to the Casiguan Bay to capture Aguinaldo? * 5 Americans * 1 Spanish interpreter * 80 Pampanguenos of Macabebe
Who exiled himself to Japan during The US' takeover? General Artemio Ricarte
Where were the ireconcilable patriots exiled during the US' takeover? Guam
What countries belonged to the Axis Powers? Germany, Italy, Japan, and other countries opposed to the Allied Powers.
What countries belonged to the Allied Powers? France, Great Britain, Soviet Union, United States
What is the program that aimed at uniting all the East Asian countries with Japan as the leader? Greater East Asian Prosperity Sphere
When did the bombing of Pearl Harbor happen? December 7, 1941
Where is Pearl Harbor? Honolulu, Hawaii
When did Japan launched its first air attack on the Philippines? December 8, 1941
What signaled the beginning of the War between Japan and the United States? The Bombing of Pearl Harbor
Who is the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces of the United States? General Douglas MacArthur
When the Japanese army moved to Bataan, where did General Douglas MacArthur retreated? Corregidor
Who was the President and the Vice President of the Commonwealth Government during the Japanese invasion? President Manuel L. Quezon and Vice-President Sergio L. Osmeña Sr.
What is the punishment for every act against the Japanese forces? Death
What composes the City of Greater Manila? Manila, Quezon City, Caloocan, San Juan, Makati, Pasay and Parañaque
What composes the Japanese High Command? group of highest ranking Japanese military officers and political leaders in power
What was the kind of government established by the Japanese in the Philippines? "Puppet Government"
Who were the leaders assigned by the Japanese to lead the "Puppet Government"? *Benigno Aquino Sr. *Claro M. Recto *Jose P. Laurel
Who was the president assigned by the Japanese for "The Puppet Government"? Jose P. Laurel
What are the pro-Japanese groups? *Ganaps *Palaaks *United Nippon
Who lead the pro-Japanese Sakdalistas? Benigno Ramos
They were former Pro-Japanese Sakdalistas headed by Benigno Ramos who led the revolt against the Philippine government in Laguna and Bulacan in 1936. The Ganaps
They were known as the "bamboo army" because they were armed with bamboo spears. The Palaaks
This group were given military training by the Japanese officers. They wore the Japanese military uniforms and were armed with Japanese rifles. They fought the guerillas together with the Japanese. The United Nippon
What did the Japanese used for their propagandas? mass media (newspapers, books, pamphlets, theaters, movies, stage shows)
What is the content of the Malolos Constitution? *the 3 branches of the government was created *the separation of the church and the state *protection of lives and properties *provision of free and compulsory primary education *collection of taxes according to law *annual budget that included possible s
What are the United State's motive for taking over the Philippines? *to achieve its ambition of becoming world power *main source of raw materials *market for American-manufactured products *military and naval base *refueling port for American ships
Who were the first teachers when the American system of education was introduced? American soldiers
When the civil courts was organized, who was the first Filipino Chief of justice of the Supreme Court? Cayetano Arellano
When the civil regime began, whowas the first civil governor? William Howard Taft
When was the first civil regime established? July 4, 1901
When was the election for the first Philippines Assembly held? July 1907
Who won as president during the elections for the first Philippine Assembly? Manuel L. Quezon
What was the policy of William Howard Taft "The Philippines, for the Filipinos"
When did the American Congress passed The Jone's Law? 1916
What is the other name for The Jones Law? Philippine Autonomy Act
The day when "Tydings-McDuffie Law" was passed after Quezon's negotiation with the US President and US Congress July 4, 1946
What law was passed in July 4, 1946 Tydings-McDuffie Law
What was stated in the Philippine Autonomy Act or Jones Law? * independence would be granted to the Filipinos when a stable government is established * includes freedom of religion, freedom of speech and press, and freedom to peacefully assemble for redness of grievances
What are the American Heritage to the Filipinos *democracy *restoration of women's rights *public education *promotion of public health *introduced Protestantism *introduced many forms of recreation *introduced the American Language
What is President McKinley's orders to the Americans and American Congress? to develop, to civilize, to educate and to train the Filipinos in self-government
When did the US Army Ship SS Thomas arrived in Manila? August 23, 1901
How many Thomasites were on board SS Thomas 600
They were American teachers who taught the Filipinos about democracy and American culture Thomasites
What public health services that the Americans established? *Bureau of Health *Quarantine Service
What is America's greatest legacy to the Filipinos? Democracy
What is Spain's greatest legacy to the Filipinos? Christianity
When did the lay ministers distributed the first Bibles in Manila? 1899
What are the forms of recreation that the Americans introduced to the Filipinos? *listen to the radio *watch silent movies *listen to band concerts *go to carnivals, museums, and exhibits
The constitution "of the people, for the people and by the people" Malolos Constitution
What is KALIBAPI? Kapisanan ng Paglilingkod sa Bagong Pilipinas a political party that the Japanese allowed to exist
A form of calisthenics during the Japanese regime taiso
When was the Second Philippine Republic inaugurated? October 14, 1943
Who was the President of the Second Philippine Republic? Jose P. Laurel
It was the day when the war in Europe ended with the surrender of Germany to the Allied Powers V-E Day (Victory in Europe) May 6, 1945
The United States dropped the first atomic atomic bomb August 6, 1945 Hiroshima, Japan
The United States dropped the second atomic bomb August 9, 1945 Nagasaki, Japan
What is the lesson learned in the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing? Never support the use of nuclear powers.
The day when Emperor Hirohito of Japan declared the unconditional surrender of Japan to the American Forces V-J Day (Victory in Japan Day) September 1945 The Japanese armed forces abandoned the Philippines and Commonwealth Government was fully restored.
Commonwealth government was restored October 23, 1944
General Douglas Mac Arthur and President Sergio L. Osmeña landed Palo, Leyte October 20, 1944
What was the temporary capital of the restored Commonwealth Government? Tacloban
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