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Urinary Terminology

Clinical Micro Urine Terms

What is another term for upper UTI and in what area of the urinary tract does this infection occur? An upper UTI is also known as pyelonephritis or in simpler terms, a kidney infection.
What is Prostatitis? Prostatitis is a genitourinary infection in males that involves the prostate
What is Acute Urethral Syndrome (AUS) and what is usually the cause? AUS is a condition where there are more than 8 leukocytes per cubic mm on microscopic exam of centrifuged urine or approx 2-5 leukocytes/hpf in centrifuged urine. Usually in women with a UTI, where the main culprit tends to be Staph saprophyticus.
What is the Medulla and the Cortex in relation to the kidney? The Medulla is in the inner layer of the kidney's interior containing renal pyramids. The Cortex if the outer layer of the kidney's interior.
What is pyuria and what does it indicate? Pyuria is pus in the urine and usually indicates renal disease (pyelonephritis)
What does enteric mean and how does it pertain to E. coli? The term enteric pertains to the small intestine. This relates to e. coli in regards to it's location in the human body and the four different gastroenteritis syndromes.
What species of Enterobacteriaceae are referred to as coliforms and what do they indicate if found in water? E. coil, Klebsiella, and Enterobacter species are coliforms are indicate presumptive fecal contamination when found in water.
What is another term for lower UTI and in what area of the urinary tract does this infection occur? A lower UTI is also known as cystitis or a bladder infection
What is cervicitis and what organisms cause it? Cervicitis is inflammation of the cervix and is generally caused by sexually transmitted organisms such as N. gonorrhoeae and C. trachomatis.
What does the term flank mean in regards to the human body and how does it relate to a UTI? Flank is the part of the body between the ribs and the upper border of the ileum. This is generally the area that patients experience pain when suffering from a UTI.
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