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Maxwell Anderson What Price Glory?
Maxwell Anderson Winterset
Maxwell Anderson Elizabeth the Queen
Sherwood Anderson Winesburg, Ohio
Sherwood Anderson Poor White
Sherwood Anderson Dark Laughter
Andropov Head of the KGB 67-82.
Andropov General secretary of Soviet Union 82-84
Andropov Succeed Brezhnev in 83 as Soviet Chief of State
Angelou On the pulse of morning at inauguration of Clinton
Angstrom 10^10 meters. Sweedish physicst.
Anne Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland.
Anne Daughter of James II
Anne Succesor to William III
Anne The last Stuart ruler
Anne Devout protestant
Anne Marriet Pringce George of Denmark
Anne No children survived (so she was last stuart)
Anne George I succeeded her.
Princess Anne Daughter of Queen Elizabeth II
Princess Anne Married Mark Phillips and divorced him in 1992
Princess Anne Married Timothy Laurence.
Anne of Cleaves 4th queen of Henry 8.
Anne of Cleaves Married Henry 8 in 1540 and was divorced same year.
Anne Boelyn Was 2nd wife of Henry 8 and later executed.
Anne of Denmark Queen consort of James I
Anthony Co-found National Woman’s Suffrage Association.
Anthony served as president of National American Woman’s Suffrage Association.
Anthony featured on a short lived US Dollar coin.
Aquino Her husband was Marcos’s chief political opponent.
Aquino Husband was assassinated by gov. when he returned from exile.
Aquino beat marcos to be First woman president of Philippines.
Arafat Head of the Al Fatah (Guerilla group).
Arafat Leader of PLO in 69.
Arafat President of Palestine National Authority in 1994.
Arafat Share 94 Nobel Peace with Peres and Rabin for a 1993 Peace accord.
Archimedes Eureak and Buoyance
Aristophanes The Frogs
Aristophanes The Wasps
Aristotle Philosopher studied under plato.
Aristotle Opened the Lyceum (a school).
Louis Armstrong Born in New Orleanse, African-American Musician
Louis Armstrong Improv Jazz Trumpet.
Neil Armstrong commander of Apollo 11.
Benedict Arnold Plot with John Andre to betry Americans at West Point
Benedict Betrayl plan found, so escape and fight for British.
Ashe First African American man to win US Open, Australian Open, Wimbledon
Ashe A Hard Road to Glory
Ashe Died in 1993 after battle with Aids
Assad President of Syria
Assad Was defense minister before leading a successful military coup
Astaire Born in Omaha and made films with Ginger Roberts.
Astor American Fur Company
Astor had a monopoly on fur trade in US territories
Astor was richest man in the US when he died (1848).
Atlee former leader of the Labour Party and member of Churchill’s cabinet.
Atlee Prime minister in 1945
Audubon Native of Santo Domingo.
Audubon The Birds of America
Austen Sense and Sensibility
Austen Pride and Prejudice
Austen Mansfield Park
Austen Emma
Austen Northanger Abbey
Austen Persuasion.
Austin Father of Texas.
Austin Settled between the Colorado and Brazos rivers.
Austin briefly served as secretary state in the new Republic of Texas
Avogadros Law equal volume of gas under identical pressure and temperature contain the same molecules.
Avogadro Number of molecules in a mole is named for him. (6.022x10^23)
Bach Better known as organist that composer.
Bach Brandenburg Concertos
Bach Well Tempered Clavier
Bach St. John Passion
Bach Art of the Fugue
Bach 20 childs and many was musicians.
Created by: mahouseifu
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