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Aaron 755 Homeruns and 2,297 RBIs. He beat Babe Ruth (714).
Abelard Founder of University of Paris
Abelard Sic et Non
Abelard Love affair with Heloise
Abernathy succeded MLK as leader of Southern Christian Leadership Conference
Acheson Secretary of State under Truman
Acheson Pulitizer Prize in 1970
Acheson Present at the Creation
Ansel Adams Foudneer of f/64 group
John Adams XYZ Affiar under his term
John Adams went to Harvard and was instrumental figure in American Revolution
JQ Adams Secretary of State under Monroe
JQ Adams elected to House of Representatives after presidential term ended.
Addams Hull house
Hull House Community center for the poor in Chicago.
Adenauer First chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany
Aesop The Fox and the grapes
Aesop the fox and the hare
Aesop greek slave fabulist.
Agassiz first propsed the ice ages
Agee Let Us Now Praise Famous Men
Let Us now Praise Famous Men Commentary on depression era tenant farmers.
Agee Pulitzer in 1957 for a Death in the Family
Agnew Governor of Maryland 67-69.
Agnew Maryland politics corruption so he leave his post.
Agnew No contest to charge of income tax evasion.
Aguinaldo Rebellion against the Spanish. Philipines leader.
Aguinaldo Help us during Spanish
Akihito First member of royal family to marry commonor
Shoda Michiko commonor that Akihito married.
Alarcon Three Cornered Hat.
Albee Who’s afraid of Virginia woolf
Albee A delicate balance
Albee Seascape
Albee Three Tall Women
Albeniz Iberia
Saint albertus Magnus Universl Doctor
Saint albertus Magnus Teacher of Thomas Aquinas
Saint albertus Magnus First to produce arsenic in a free form.
Louisa May Alcott Little women
Little Women - autobiographical novel that portrays Victorian American family life
Alcott Little men
Alcott Jo’s Boys
Aldrich Senator from Rhode Island
Aldrich authored namesake tariff with payne
Payne Aldrich tariff lowered some tariffs but increased others
Payne Aldrich Tariff chief issue during Taft’s presidential term
Alfred the great King of Wessex
Alger Rags to riches stories
Alger Ragged Dick
Ali Born as Cassius Clay
Ali refused to enter us armed forces due to religion.
Allen Led green mountain boys at the capture of fort Ticonderoga.
Amin Seize Ugandan government from obote in 1971 exiled in 79.
Amis Lucky Jim
Ampere furthered work of Hans orested on relationship between electricity and magnetism.
Amundsen First person to fly over the north pole.
Amundsen command first single ship to sail through northwest passage.
Hans Christian Anderson The Ugly duckling
Hans Christian Anderson The little march girl
Hans Christian Anderson the snow queen
Carl Anderson Discovered the positron
Carl Anderson share 1936 nobel prize in physics with Hess.
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