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Chapter 15

What was Kilwa like? Rich families lived in houses of coral and stone, they slept in beds with Ivory and their meals were served on Porcelain.
Why did Kilwa grow so wealthy? It was as far south on the coast as a ship in India could sail in so trade goods in the south had to go through Kilwa for Asian merchants to buy them.
How did Portuguese get involved in African Trade? They came into the southern tip of Africa looking for a sea route to India so they could gain from Asian trade profits , when they saw the wealth of the east african city states they decided to take them over for themselves.
How did Great Zimbabwe collapse? Great Zimbabwe was abandoned in 1450. Farming had worn out the soil; people had used up the salt and timber. The area could no longer support a large population
What did farming do to Great Zimbabwe? Worn out the soil; people had used up the salt and timber. The area could no longer support a large population.
Why was Great Zimbabwe powerful? For the rulers of Zimbabwe to have gained enough power either to control the gold trade or to control gold production elsewhere
What was the relationship of Great Zimbabwe to the Mutapa Empire? The Mutapa Empire had conquered all of what is now Zimbabwe except the eastern portion.
In the 1700’s rich Europeans captured africans for what use? To use them for their colonial plantations.
How was Islam introduced to East Africa? Through Islamic trade and the growth of commerce
How did Arabs Trade? They sold porcelain bowls from China and jewels and cotton cloth from Asia. They brought African ivory, gold, tortoiseshell, ambergris, leopard skins and rhinoceros horns to Arabia.
What is islamic Influences? Muslim merchants spread Islam as they traded on eastern coast. No forced religious conversions. Fasting. Animism.
How are Enslavement of Africans sold? They were sold Arabia, Persia and India. Even as far as China. 1300s some slaves shipped to Europe. Used as butlers instead of "slaves". Servants. Africans enslaved their own peoples.
How did the Mutapa Empire dominate the northern Shona people? He used his army to dominate the northern Shona people living there to make payments to support his army.
Why was the Mutapa Empire rich? Mined gold deposited in nearby rivers. The empire also gained money through the forced payments that had to be given to him.
How was increased European interference seen in Mutapa? It helped the portuguese to overthrow the Mutapa ruler and replace him with one they could control it caused distress as they continuously tried to loot the empire.
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