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African Historical U

Afrikaans South African language with Dutch basis
Apartheid A south African policy of complete legal separation of the races
Artificial Political Boundaries A political boundary that does not follow physical features
Boer Dutch settlers in South Africa
Civil War A war between people of the same country
Colonialism Policy by which a nation administers a foreign territory and develop its resources for the benifet of the colonial power.
Coup De Tat An Overthrow of the government
Diversity A Difference
Ecowas The economic community of west African states
Guerilla A strong feeling of a loosely organized fighting force that makes surprise attacks on enemy troops occupying their country
Independence Somebodys independence from someone
Meditate To help settle differences
Missionary An individual who helps to diffuse a universalizing religion
Nationalism A strong feeling of pride in and devotion to ones country
Nelson Mandela ANC Leader imprisoned by Afrikaner regime; released in 1990 and a president of South Africa in 1994
OAU Organization of African Unity
Pan-African Movement Organization that brought together intellectuals and political leaders
Racism Belief that one race is superior to another
Sanction Permission; Support
Veldt The open grassland in African
William De Klerk President who ended apartheid
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