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Key words to know for the Reconstruction unit.

Freedmen's Bureau An agency that mainly helped protect newly freedmen, but also aided poor whites. They were to help freedmen convert from slavery to their new lives of citizenship, mainly because of the white hostility that was directed towards them.
Black Codes Laws that restricted freedmen's choices of work to virtually only farm hands. "Slavery by another name."
Military Districts These districts were made to keep the South under control while all the changes were going on. Each district was watched by military and were kept on martial law, meaning that law and order would be maintained by the military.
Civil Rights The basic rights of any citizen. Social, political, and economic.
Radical Republicans A faction of Republicans who had strong beliefs. Some were more mild, but all believed in being harsh to the South during Reconstruction.
Suffrage The right to vote.
Pardon Forgiving someone for something they did. These were given out to some Southerners after the Civil War by the President(s).
Created by: Kayla Richard