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Mr. Stickler's HNRS HIST Unit 8 Quiz Flashcards 2016

Throughout the 1850's, white African American activists helped slaves escape from the south through a covert network of hiding places called what? These networks were named the "Underground Railroad". (SQR2; Hope)
What is the definition of the term "xenophobic"? The definition of this term is "fearful of - or hatred toward - foreigners or those seen as being "different". (SQR2; Kat)
The Free Soil Party adopted what slogan? They adopted the slogan "Free Soil, Free Speech, Free Labor, and Free Men". (SQR2; Emily)
What was the new party that challenged both Whigs and democrats ambivalence in 1840 called? This political party was called the Liberty Party. (SQR2; Gavyn)
The most crucial aid to railroads was what? This "crucial aid" came in the form of federal land grants. (SQR2; Brayden)
The Compromise of 1850 admitted what state as a free state? This bill admitted California as a free state. (SQR2; Osiris)
What happened during the 1850's to the nation's economic structures? During the 1850's, industrial growth accelerated, which resulted in the North becoming more reliant on the South and West. (SQR2; Osiris)
Why did Stephen Douglas propose to give $2.6 million land grant to Illinois, Mississippi, and Alabama? Stephen Douglas proposed this to pay for a railroad that would stretch from Chicago to Mobile, Alabama. (SQR2: Shekinah)
Created by: sticklerpjpII