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cold war

cold war time of hostility between the superpowers USA andUSSR from 1940s to 1990s. No fighting ever broke out
Communism political ideology that the government should control industry and agriculture. Usually associated with Russia
Capitalism political ideology that allowed and promoted private ownership of business and industry
dictatorship one party or leader in control of a country. They make all the decisions
democracy government of the people, by the people for the people. Free Elections decide who will run the country
Satellite states these were countries taken over by Stalin in which communist controlled governments were in place. They formed a protective zone between Russia and the west
iron curtain the comes from a famous speech by Churchill describing the division between East and West that had formed after WW2
truman doctrine U.S.A policy of giving financial aid to countries after WW2 in the hope that it would stop these countries turning to communism
marshall plan U.S.A policy of helping European countries recover economically after WW2 to prevent spread of communism
zones of occupation After WW2 Germany and Berlin was divided into 4 zones of occupation between the victorious allied countries
deutschmark the new currency the Western allies wanted to bring in to Germany in 1948 to help economic recovery post war
Berlin blockade when the Soviet Union cut of all road, rail and canal links and power supplies to West Berlin in June 1948
Berlin airlift the Western allies response to the Berlin blockade was to airlift supplies in cargo planes bringing them into the west
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organisation- western countries pledged to help each other if attacked. Organisation set up after Blockade
Warsaw pact Soviet countries formed a military alliance after the Berlin blockade
Berlin Wall a wall erected by the Soviet government dividing East and West Berlin to stop East Berliners moving to the West for better jobs
Nikita Khruschev Leader of Soviet Union after Stalin
John F Kennedy President of USA during Cuban Missile Crisis
Fidel Castro leader of Communist Cuba
Bay of Pigs invasion Kennedy armed invasion of Communist Cuba who were getting assistance from Khrushchev in Russia
Cuban missile crisis U2 spy planes discovered Soviet missile bases were secretly being built in Cuba within range of America
Glasnost policy of openness developed by Gorbachev when he became leader of Russia- end to censorship and more open discussion
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