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History II Midterm

During the Gilded Age, most of the railroad barons _____ Built railroads with government assistance
The national government helped to finance the transcontinental railroad construction in the late 19th century by providing railroad corporations with ___ Land grants
Hills railroad company Great northern
Vanderbilt railroad company NYC
Stanford railroad company Central Pacific
One byproduct of the development of railroads was The movement of people to cities
Carnegies field of enterprise Steel
Rockefellers field of enterprise Oil
Morgans field of enterprise Banking
Dukes field of enterprise Tobacco
Steel industry owed much to the inventive genius of Bessemer
Americas first billion dollar corporation was USS Corp
The first major product of the oil industry was Kerosene
The Gospel of wealth which associated godliness with riches Moral responsibility for money
National Labor Union Social reform, killed by depression of 1870s
Knights of Labor One big union
American Federation of Labor Association pursuing ...
Most effective and then during labor union of the post Civil War was the __ AFL
The major factor in drawing country people off the farms and into the big cities was Availability of industrial jobs
The new immigrants who came to the US after 1880 Culturally different from previous immigrants
Bird of passage Came to America to work for a short time then returned to europe
Plessy v Ferg ruling Separate but equal is constitutional
Chinese came to US to Dig for gold
In the post-Civil War America Indian surrendered their lands only when they Received solemn promises from the government that they would be left alone and provided with supplies
In the warfare that race between the Indians in the American military after the Civil War There was often great cruelty and massacres
The buffalo were nearly exterminated Through wholesale butchery by whites
A century of dishonor, which chronicled the dismal history of Indian white relations, was authored by Helen hunt Jackson
To assimilate into American society the Dawes act did all of the following except Outlaw the sacred sun dance
The Dawes severalty act was designed to promote Indian Assimilation
The enormous mineral wealth taken from the mining frontier of the west Helped to finance the civil war
The mining frontier played a vital role in Attracting the first substantial white population to the west
The wild frontier farms where the three major cattle trails from Texas ended were Abilene, Kansas, Ogalalla, Nebraska, and Cheyenne Wyoming
The Homestead act assumed that public land should be administered in such a way as to Promote frontier settlement
"Sooners" we're settlers who "jumped the gun" in order to Claim land in Oklahoma
Among the following the least likely to migrate to the cattle and farming frontier were Eastern city dwellers
In 1890 when the super intendant of the senses announced that a stable frontier line was no longer discernible Americans were disturbed
Which of the following provides the least valid support for the theory that the frontier served as a safety valve Farmers frequently migrated after profit
Cities like Denver and San Francisco did serve as a major safety valve by providing A home for failed farmers and busted miners
The area of the country in which the federal government has done the most to aid economic and social development is the West
In the decades after the civil war, most American farmers Became increasingly self sufficient
Late 19th century farmers believed that their difficulties stemmed primarily from A deflated currency
With agricultural production rising dramatically in the post-civil war years Tenant farming spread rapidly through the south
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