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The London Company's "______" worked by encouraging aristocrats to move to Virginia by giving 50 acres of land per person to individuals and groups who paid their own way head-right system
Many English _____ came to America in the 1600s to escape a kingdom that did not allow them to worship freely Catholics
The slaves contributed to the economy of the _______ colonies by working in cities at skilled crafts middle
The _____ crops that supported the middle colonies included wheat, barley, and oats. staple
The social impact of the ___________ was unification of various groups of Americans who shared evangelical beliefs Great Awakening
In 1753, the _____ fought the British over settlements in the Ohio River Valley French
What kind of comments might have been made be colonists upset by Parliament's effort to tax them? No taxation without representation
Parliament repealed almost all of the ________ Acts because it wanted to reduce the tension in the colonies Townshed
The word furious best describes the response of _____'s Lord North to news of the Boston Tea Party Britain
How was Massachusetts punished for the Boston Tea Party? Charter cancelled; Boston Harbor Closed
The goal of the ________________ was to state the concerns of colonists to the king. First Continental Congress
What delegate from Virginia encouraged colonists to fight for independence from Britain in support of the Patriot cause? Patrick Henry
Among the list of the 10 resolutions included in the _________________, one was to insure the colonists' right to "life, liberty, and property" Declaration of Rights
Which battle was considered the first of the Revolutionary War The Battle At Lexington
As George Washington prepared to lead the colonists against the British, Congress attempted to make peace with King ________ George III
Before the Battle of _______, many Patriot leaders favored a defensive war to their supplies would last longer. Trenton
Why was winning the Battle of Trenton so important to George Washington and the Continental Army? The contracts many of his soldiers were fighting under were die to expire, and he feared his soldiers would not enlist in a losing army.
The Battle of Trenton was different from the previous battles because the Patriots went on the _______. offensive
The Battle of ________ was a turning point for the Patriots because they gained the support of France and Spain. Saratoga
Why did the British set their sights on the South during the American Revolution? Fighters in the northern colonies were giving the British unexpected difficulty; Georgia, the Carolinas, and Virginia had large populations of pro-British Loyalists, and slaves could easily turned against the colonies.
The purpose of the ________ was to require British royalty to obey the same laws as the British people Magna Carta
Magna Carta inspired the founders of the _______ government to subject government officials to the rule of law. American
The _______________________ was one of the earliest expressions of separation of church and state Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom
The Northwest Territory was bounded on the south by the _____ River. Ohio
The original purpose of the Constitutional Convention held in May 1787 in Philadelphia's Independence Hall was to improve the ________________________ Articles of Confederation
The ______________ resolved the debate over state representation in the federal government by deciding individually on the number of delegates each state would have. Great Compromise
Each state would have an equal voice in a unicameral legislature as a part of the ___________ Plan presented at the Constitutional Convention New Jersey
The nation's diversity would would have prevented any single group from gaining too much power was argued by James Madison in the _____________ Federalist Papers
Some ________ opposed the idea of a bill of rights because they thought the Constitution was already a bill of rights Federalists
An _______ to the Constitution is an official change amendment
The two main goals of the ________'s framers were to protect citizen's rights and defend the country. Constitution
A ______ system of government is designed to divide powers between the states and the national government federal
Why is the federal government divided into separate branches? To prevent any branch from becoming too powerful
Congress is the _______ branch, which makes the nations laws. legislative
Te president can check the power of the ________ branch by vetoing a law legislative
The _______ branch is responsible for interpreting the law judicial
A federal court strike down a state or federal law on the grounds that the law is __________ unconstitutional
The _____ Amendment protects freedom of religion, expression, and assembly First
Colonists' being forced to have their belongings searched for illegal goods by British soldiers inspired the inclusion in the Bill of Rights of the ______ Amendment rule against "unreasonable searches and seizures" Fourth
The function of the ______ and ______ Amendments id to protect rights not addressed by the first eight amendments Ninth and Tenth
In order for a person to become a ______ citizen, they must move to the SU permanently and apply for citizenship naturalized
How does the government enforce the idea that it is a citizen's duty to know the law? By punishing law breakers who claim ignorance of the law
___________________________ is an example of a duty of citizens that is encouraged, but not required Voting in elections
In the opinion of the French observer of American democracy Alexis de Tocqueville, why should citizen's motivated to take political action become members of interest groups? Political associations do more work that not even the largest government could accomplish on its own
Is the number of elections based on the size of the state? If not, what? No, it is based on population
Many Americans wanted ____________ to be president because he was seen as an honest leader. George Washington
The ________________ is a body of delegated from each state that casts the deciding votes for president. electoral college
The ______________ Act of 1789 was passed by Congress to set up a system of federal courts because he believed that the stability and success of the national government depended on the interpretation and execution of its laws Judiciary Act
In general, Congress created departments in the ________ branch to address national policy executive
Taxing domestic goods and adding tariffs to foreign imports was a part of __________'s economic plan Hamilton
A "___________________" adds a tax to the price of imported goods to protect domestic products from foreign competition protective tariff
Alexander Hamilton and _______________ agreed on removing the capitol. Thomas Jefferson
Alexander Hamilton believed in a flexible interpretation of the constitution while Thomas Jefferson believed in a _________ construction strict
"___________________" is best defined as the idea that the federal government can take reasonable actions in social cases as long as they are not specifically forbidden by the Constitution Loose Construction
In his farewell address, _______________ warned against burdening future generations with debt. George Washingon
What were George Washington's views in his farewell address? He felt that any just and humane nation would practice neutrality.
According to George Washington in his Farewell Address, the key to national success, is _________ political unity
The first political party division in the US was between ______________________ and ____________ Democratic-Republicans and Federalists
The ______________ Acts were passed by the Federalists to protect the government from its critics Alien and Sedition
____________s' main criticism of the Alien and Sedition Acts was that they gave too much power to the government. Republican
Proposed by Congress after the Election of 1800, the _________ Amendment created a separate ballot for president and vice president Twelfth
_______________ is the power of the judiciary to declare an act of Congress unconstitutional/ Judicial Review
________________ is signifigant because it was established in the Supreme Court's power Marbury v. Madison
The __________________ was significant to the US because it nearly doubled the size of the country Louisiana Purchase
In a sense Lewis and Clark failed in their expedition in that they did not find a river route across the West to the ____________. Pacific Ocean
General ___________ said "I have given England a rival who, sooner or later, will humble her pride " regarding to the signing of the ______________ Napoléon; Louisiana Purchase
_____________'s expression helped outline the Louisiana Territory's western border with New Spain Zebulon Pike
US officials were worried by _________'s actions because they feared he was backed up by the British Tecumseh
_______ deceived to support Native Americans against the US mainly to reduce westward expansion in the United States Britain
The War of 1812 strengthened ___________ among America patriotism
After the War of 1812, the _________________ between the US and British Canada was signed to limit naval power on the Great Lakes Rush Bagot Agreement
British Canada and the United States want control over _______ because both were interested in the region's valuable fur trade Oregon
The _______________________ affected the boundaries of the US by establishing a border between the United States and Canada extending to the Rocky Mountains Convention of 1818
The United States would receive control of East Florida from Spain in return for US claims to what is now Texas as part of the ____________________ . Adam-Onis Treaty
Raids of US settlements and aid for runaway slaves caused conflicts in the early 1800s between the US and the __________ Indian Tribe of Florida Seminole
The _____________ affected US relations with Europe by preventing the US from interfering with any future conflicts or wars between European nations. Monroe Doctrine
________________ told the Americans what the US would view as a threat (any attempt on their part to extend their system..) James Monroe
The primary goal of Henry Clay's ___________ was to make the US economically independent American System
The _________ United States did not allow slavery in 1820 Northern
An equal balance between free and slave states was maintained as a result of the __________________ Missouri Compromise
During the 1820s, ___________ grew in the US. __________(same as 1st) is when politicians disagree over the interests of different religions sectionalism
The Missouri Compromise contributed to the eventual abolition of slavery because it prohibited slavery in states and territories north of Missouri's ______________ border southern
The writings of ____________ and James Fenimore Cooper inspired painters in the US to show the history and natural beauty of America in their work. Washington Irving
The subjects of American paintings of the 1840s differ from those of the 1830s because they focused on combining _________ with scenes from daily life. landscapes
Americans decided to model much of their architecture after the architecture of ancient _____ and _____ because these civilizations were based on some of the same political ideals as the new American nation. Greek and Rome
_____________________ contributed to the expansion of democracy in the US in the 1820s by allowing people to become more active in politics Nominating Conventions
Some states extended suffrage rights to more white males, which is an example of how ______ rights were expanded in the early1800s voting
The "_______________" practiced by newly-elected president Andrew Jackson rewarded with giving them government jobs spoils system
The quote, "But it was the people's day, and the people's President, and the people would rule" describes the presidential _____________ inauguration
Northerners opposed the federal government's sale of public land at cheap prices in the early 1800s because it encouraged potential laborers in the North to migrate _______ west
In the early 1800s, ____________ opposed tariffs because tariffs angered their European trading partners Southerners
The ________________________ effected Andrew Jackson's America by fueling growing sectional differences within the country Tariff of Abominations
In the early 1800s the Western _____________ lacked services such as roads and water transportation Frontier
The _________________________ was a dispute over the power of the states to reject unconstitutional federal laws. Nullification Crisis
______________________'s position on states' rights was that the welfare of the nation should override the concerns of individual states Daniel Webster
In ______________________ the Supreme Court ruled that the national bank was constitutional. McCulloch v. Maryland
President ____________'s unsuccessful economic policies caused the severe economic depression of the Panic of 1837 Jackson
American farmers, who gained millions of acres of land for settlement benefited most from Andrew Jackson's plan to remove ________ to the West Indians
The ___________ people resisted removal to Indian Territory by adopting the contemporary culture of white Americans Cherokee
The forced 800-mile march Cherokee Indians made in their removal to Georgia became known as the "___________" Trail of Tears
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