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China Q and A

China Q and A Isabel Castellanos

What will we be reading in this section? We will be reading about china and the cutlers and their beliefs
What is Daoism Daoism is a philosophy, and dao means the ' Way or the 'way nature
What is Buddhism? Buddhism is a religion based on the teachings of the Indian spiritual
Why was Buddhism in china? Buddhism had entered china during the Han Dynasty
Why was Buddhism in faith? Because of pure land Buddhism emphasized salvation through faith
Who began with teachings? Chan had began with teachings if an Indian Buddhist named Bodhidharma who came to china in the early 500s
Who had millions of followers? By the time of the Tang Dynasty , Buddhism had millions of followers in china
Who had opposed? other cities opposed the Buddhism withdrawal from the world
in what part did the worst attacks came in? the worst attacks came during the emperor and the region
who had never recovered? Buddhism had never fully recovered from this attacks on its spiritual leader's and places and worships
Where did Buddhism come from? Buddhism came from the followers of Confucius
from where did Confucius live in ? Confucius lived from 551 to 479 B.C
what based was confusions from? Confusions was based non respect and family and the social order
What did Confucius do ? confusions also stressed the importance of mortal virtue
where did Confucius began? Confuciuos began as a practical philoshpy
what was a scholars name ? a scholars name was Zhu Xi
Created by: isabelc3