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Vikings Test

OCMS History

Why was the Battle of Tours so important event in the history of the world? It was a huge event in world history because if Martel and his army didn't defeat the invading Muslims, they would have wiped out Christianity. Christianity would not exist if Martel lost the battle.
How did the Vikings benefit the Europe in the long run? The Vikings benefited Europe in the long run by re-opening trade routes that closed after the fall of Rome.
True or False: Vikings were organized people. False
What was different about Viking Longboat from the other boats? The Viking Longboat was long, sleek, and very fast. They could hold up to 60 men and supplies. Other ships were very big so they couldn't sail up small rivers unlike the Viking Longboats.
In 732 AD, who led a Frankish army against invading Muslims? Charles Martel
What was the Muslim's purpose for conquering North Africa and Spain? They wanted to weaken Christianity and eventually wipe it out.
Who was Charles Martel's grandson? Charlemange
Charlemange united _______ and _________ _________under his rule. Northern and Western Europe
What happened on Christmas Day in 800 AD? Pope Leo III named Charlemange "Holy Roman Emperor"
Did Charlemange encourage learning? Yes
What were Monasteries built for? They were built to continue education.
Clovis The first king of the Franks to unite all of the Frankish tribes under one ruler
Charles Martel Frankish statesman and military leader that won the Battle of the Tours
Charlemagne King of the Franks that united much of Europe
Fjords Deep, twisting inlets from the sea. Most Viking villages were built along fjords
How did the Vikings navigate the seas? They used the suns and stars
What does it mean to go "a-vik-ing"? To go on a raid
What was the hit 'hit-and-run' tactic? Attack, loot quickly, and leave before resistance could counterattack
Why was it so easy for the Vikings to attack monasteries? Monasteries were rich and poorly defended
What did Viking warriors wear? They wore shirts made out of bear skin, a bear sark
Were people considered "goods"? Yes
What animals were most commonly carved on a longboat's mast to symbol fear? A serpent, a wolf, or a dragon
When did the Vikings reach Iceland? In the late 800s
Why was the name Iceland given to the land despite the large amounts of grassland? To discourage others from coming and overpopulating the land
Why was the island full of ice named Greenland? Eric the Red named the place Greenland to trick families into settling there
When Leif Erickson found Vineland (Canada), why didn't a lot of families move there? Because Leif Erickson's father was Eric the Red and Eric tricked a lot of people so they thought that Leif would be the same.
Created by: catherine_17
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