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Roaring 20's Test

On March 3, 2017. Make sure you study.

What is Henry Ford Known for? He made automobiles affordable by creating a moving assembly line.
What are the four ways that transportation changes society? -Greater mobility -Creation of jobs -Growth of transportation-related industries (Oil, steel) -Movement to suburban areas
What is mechanization? Use of machines to help improve or speed up productions.
What is the machine that changed farm life and how did it change farm life? Tractors increased the amount of food that was able to be grown.
What are the three inventions that changed society in the early 1920’s? -Radio -Telephone -Airplane
What is electrification and how did it change life in America? Spread of electricity in the American. Changed lives through labor-saving products (washing machines), lighting, entertainment, and improved communication (telephone).
What is Prohibition and how long did it last? 18th amendment that said it is illegal to manufacture, transport, and sell alcoholic beverages. This lasted 13 years.
What is a speakeasies? Illegal saloons (bars) found all over the country.
Who is bootlegger? Bootleggers made and smuggled alcohol illegally and promoted organized crime.
What amendment repealed Prohibition? The 21st amendment.
What is the Great Migration? During the 1920’s large amounts of African Americans moved out of the South.
What are some reasons that people left? They made the journey to find new job opportunities in the city.
Composer who developed an American classical style of music; his most famous piece was Appalachian Spring Aaron Copland
Author of “Grapes of Wrath” John Steinbeck
Jazz/Blues singer of the Harlem Renaissance Bessie Smith
A poet, author, and playwright that came of out the Harlem Renaissance Langston Hughes
Artist who was known for modernist paintings, landscapes, and flowers Georgia O’Keeffe
Author of the “Great Gatsby” F. Scott Fitzgerald
Artist who was known for his “Great Migration” collection Jacob Lawrence
Composer who was known for incorporate syncopated rhythms and jazz into his music; best known for his song “Rhapsody in Blue” George Gershwin
Modernist painters wanted to create images inspired by the artist’s own feelings and creativity modernism
Piano player who wrote more than 1,000 songs that came of out the Harlem Renaissance Duke Ellington
Trumpet player who is known for his distinct voice who comes out of the Harlem Renaissance Louis Armstrong
Causes of the Great Depression -Over Speculation in stocks using borrowed money -Federal Reserve failed to prevent the collapse of the banking system -Stock Market crash of 1929 -High tariffs strangled international trade
Results/Impacts of the Great Depression -Large number of banks and businesses failed -One-fourth of workers were without jobs -Large number of people were hungry and homeless -Farmers’ income fell to low levels
Who is the President that created a government recovery program to help the country get out of the depression? Franklin D. Roosevelt.
What was the name of this program? The New Deal.
What are the five goals of the New Deal Program? -Social Security -Federal work programs -Environmental improvement programs -Farm assistance programs -Increased rights for labor
Helped farmers to reduce their crops so that they would be worth more Agricultural Adjustment Act
Established a minimum wage and maximum work hours Fair Labor Standards Act
Helped bring electricity to rural areas Tennessee Valley Authority
Designed to assist senior citizens by providing an income to those who retired Social Security Act (SSA)
Guarantees the bank deposits made by individuals to prevent bank failures FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation)
Hired workers to build schools, airports, post offices, roads, etc… WPA (Works Progress Administration)
Hired unemployed youths to do conservation jobs at national and state parks and elsewhere CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps.)
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