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8th Grade History

Chapters 17-1, 17-2, 17-3, 17-4, 17-5

border states state on the border between the North and South: Delware, Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri
enlist to formally join a military force
strategy a careful plan or method
contrast to compare with respect to differences
tributary stream or smaller river that feeds into a larger river
ironclad a warship equipped with iron plating for protection
casualty a soldier who is killed, wounded, captured, or missing in battle
Emancipation Proclamation decree issued by President Lincoln feeling enslaved people in those parts of the Confederacy still in rebellion on Jan 1, 1863
abandon to leave behind or give up
reinforce to make stronger
habeas corpus a legal writ, or order, that guarantees a prisoner the right to be heard in court
draft a system of selecting people for required military service
bounty reward or payment
distribute to hand out, spread around
substitute an alternate or replacement
greenback paper money issued by the United States government
entrench to place within a trench, or ditch, for defense; a place in a strong defensive position
flank the side or edge of a military formation
reverse to go in the opposite direction
encounter to meet; to come face-to-face with
resistance refusal to give in
total war a strategy of bringing war to the entire society, not just the military
series events that occur one after the other
interpret to find meaning in something
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