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Japan's Isolation

Amelie, Isabel, and Sidny

Which religion originated in Japan? Shintoism
Who were Daimyo? Powerful Japanese feudal lords
What is the direct object of this sentence? I love tacos! Tacos
In drawings/pictures, how did the Japanese depict foreigners? The Japanese thought that foreigners were demons.
What is ethnocentrism? Evaluation of other cultures
Japan was isolated during which period in Japanese history? Edo Period
Define Shogun Hereditary commander-in-chief
True or False: Japan was isolated during the American Revolution, so people in Japan did not know that the United States was a new country. True
Identify the prepositional phrase in this sentence: The broom is in the closet. In the closet
How old was Manjiro when his father died? 9
During the Classical Period, which country influenced Japanese culture and writing? China
How did Japan become independent from Chinese cultural influences? By becoming isolated from the rest of the world, this gave them a chance for their culture to flourish.
Identify the subject of this sentence: The naughty students danced around the room. Students
What job did Manjiro begin at age 14? Fishing
Identify the conjunction in this sentence: I gave him the book so he could study. So
How is the Japanese Emperor different from the Chinese Emperor? The Japanese Emperor doesn't really do anything, but the Chinese Emperor make all the political decisions himself.
Who is Commodore Matthew Perry? Commodore of the United States Navy and commanded a number of ships.
Why didn’t Manjiro try to go back to Japan after he was shipwrecked? Because even if he did get back to japan officials would arrest him or even kill him.
What type of sentence is this? Even though they could be very frustrating, Mrs. Mac loves teaching kids and she is happy to be at school every day. Complex Sentence
What type of conjunction is being used in this sentence? My mom likes ice cream but her favorite dessert is cake. Fanboys
What did the people of Japan think of foreigners? They thought foreigners were demons.
What does RAPP stand for? Restate Answer Proof Proofread and conclude
Who were the samurai and who did they protect? Samurai were warriors who protected the Japanese imperial capital.
The Chinese introduced which religion to Japan? It is still popular in Japan today! Buddhism
Name a type of food unique to Japan. Sushi and ramen
Name 2 items that can be made from a Sperm Whale? Soap and fences
Explain the social structure of Feudalism in Japan. At the top were the nobility, consisting of the Emperor, the shogun and the daimyo. Then there were samurai.And lastly the peasants
Who were the only foreigners allowed to come to trade during Japan’s isolation? Dutch traders.
Which is the lowest social class in Japan? Pesants
Which style of dress is unique and representative of Japan? Kimonos
Name a type of food unique to Japan. Sushi and ramen
Name 2 items that can be made from a Sperm Whale? Soap and fences
Explain the social structure of Feudalism in Japan. At the top were the nobility, consisting of the Emperor, the shogun and the daimyo. Then there were samurai.And lastly the peasants
Who were the only foreigners allowed to come to trade during Japan’s isolation? Dutch Traders
Which is the lowest social class in Japan? Peasants.
What type of sentence is this? The teachers were nervous because the students were acting very weird Compound sentence
What is the name of traditional Japanese theater that was popular for common people? Kabuki Theater
Read this sentence: Lilly loves to draw ancient dragons. What part of speech is “dragons”? A noun
What is Bushido, and who followed it? Bushido was the Samurai’s way of life.
Read this sentence: The kids raced to the top of the stairs. What part of speech is “of the stairs”? A prepositional phrase
What were two differences Manjiro noticed between American and Japan? Americans can have bigger ships and Americans are able to travel unlike Japan.
The Japanese language has some similar characters (letters) as what other language? Chinese
Which shogunate ruled during the Edo Period? The Tokugawa Shogunate
What is the Mandate of Heaven? A blessing from the gods
What does GDP measure? the sum of the market values, or prices
What type of sentence is this? After we went to the zoo, my mom bought us ice cream A compound complex sentence
What type of conjunction is in a complex sentence? consist of one verb clause and one or more adverb clauses
Which three religions/philosophies were common in China during the Tang dynasty? Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism
What type of clause does a simple sentence have? Independent
Which dynasty constructed thousands of terracotta soldiers to be buried with their emperor? Qin dynasty
Who ruled the Yuan Dynasty? Kublai khan
What type of sentence is this? My dog ate my homework! A simple sentence
A compound-complex sentence has what types of conjunctions? Fanboys
What is communism? A government where the government controls everything an they own all the land.
What are the parts of a simple sentence? One subject One direct Object or prepositional Phrase One verb
Why did the Qin Dynasty begin constructing the Great Wall of China? So that they could be protected from invaders.
What type of sentence is this? Ms. Eitsert plays basketball and she is pretty good. Direct Objects.
True or False: A simple sentence has a conjunction False
Why do economist measure GDP per capita? So they can monitor the growth of a country’s economy.
What types of clauses does a complex sentence have? How many of each? 1 independent clause and 1 dependant clause.
True or False: Ancestor worship was a common religion during the Tang Dynasty. True
A compound sentence has what type of conjunction? Fanboys
True or False: The Silk Road was at its height during the Han Dynasty. True
What types of clauses does a compound sentence have? (how many of each) 2 Independent clauses
What type of sentence is this? Since we were going to be late, my mom took us to breakfast and we also stopped by Starbucks. Complex Sentence
True or False: The Zhou Dynasty invented the magnetic compass False by the han dynasty
Explain the Mandate of Heaven New ruler gains mandate of heaven Population increases Corruption becomes rampant Natural disaster wipes out farm land Famine makes people rebel Ruler loses Mandate of Heaven New empire rises A new Dynasty Gains Mandate of Heavan
The Han Dynasty traded upon which important trade route? Silk road
What types of clauses does a compound-complex sentence have? How many of each? 2 independent clauses and 1 dependent clause.
Which dynasty invented gunpowder? Tang Dynasty
Why did Japan instate mandatory public education? So that more people would have more useful skills that will help the society.
Name 3 areas Japan invaded from 1910-1942. French Indochina Manchuria China
What are the ABCD powers? They were western countries that stopped selling Japan good need to continue activity in China and in French Indochina. America. Britain, Commonwealth, and Dutch.
During which period was the feudal system abolished? In 1789
What is urbanization? A shift in population from rural living to living in cities and towns.
Who was the longest reigning emperor of Japan? Hirohito
The United States dropped atomic bombs on which 2 Japanese cities? Hiroshima and Nagasaki
What is the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere? It is an imperialist propaganda concept.
Why did Japan modernize? They were forced to modernized because they had to open their ports to other countries. And with trading comes ideas and information.
Why did the United States declare war on Japan in 1941? Because they had bombed Pearl Harbor.
Which country has a higher GDP: North Korea or South Korea? South Korea
What is nationalism? Extreme patriotism
What is imperialism? Extending a country's power and influence
Japan fought with which TWO countries during World War II? (Who were Japan’s allies?) Germany and Italy
The Soviet Union influenced the development of which country: North Korea or South Korea? North Korea
Which country has a democratic system of government: North Korea or South Korea? South Korea
Created by: amelie01



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