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SMART Goal Vocabulary

artifact an object made by human hands
dynasty a line of rulers from the same family
technology the use of advanced methods to help solve problems and make life easier
aristocrat a member of the upper class of society they usually hold their position due to land they own
colony a settlement in a new territory that keeps close ties to its homeland
geography the physical and human characteristics that make up the Earth
artisan a skilled worker in a certain job or business
fossil plant or animal remains that have been preserved from an earlier time
bureaucrat a government official
social class people who share a similar place in society due to their wealth or occupation
primary source first hand evidence of an event that has occurred in history
contribution to give or donate your ideas, time, money, or technologies
civilization a complex society with cities, organized government, religion, and an organized writing system
irrigation a way of watering crops by using waterways or ditches
specialization the act or training for a particular job
eras a long period or division of time
secondary source a document or written work created after an event has already occured
democracy a style of government where all citizens share in running the government
Economy An organized way in which people produce, sell, and buy goods
Nomad People who regularly move from place to placetr
Tribute A forced payment made by conquered peoples to their new groupl
Polytheism A belief in more than one god within your religion
Tyrant A ruler who takes power by force
Culture A set of beliefs, behaviors, and traits shared by members of a group
City-state The city and the land that surrounds it, which is ruled independently from any other civilization
Empire A nation that rules several other nations under its government
Conflict A fight or disagreement
Monarchy A style of government where a king or queen passes power to a relative; only one person has all the power
Region An area of land with common characteristics
Migrate The movement of people from one place to settle in another place
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