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Rev. War&Declaration

It describes some of the Rev. War

When was the Declaration of Independence signed? Easy July 4, 1776
Who brought the French into the war? Easy Marquis de Lafayette
Did George Washington get smallpox at Valley Forge? Easy No
What is the first word in the Declaration of Independence? Hard When
Who was the man who went to Valley Forge and trained the soldigers and introduced them to the bayonet? Easy Baron von Steuben
How many people signed the Declaration of Independence? Hard 56 people
What animal was on the flag that said "DONT TREAD ON ME" Easy a rattlesnake
How many stars are on both US flags combined? Easy 63 stars
There was a president during the war and his name was Grover Cleveland. True or False? Easy False
What did King George do that involved stamps and tea? Easy tax
Where did the Mohawks dump tea off a boat? Medium The Boston Harbor
Who was the president during the war? Medium There was no president during the Revolutionary War.
George Washington never left his men at Valley Forge. True or False? Easy True
Washington's men did not attack the day before Christmas. True or False? Medium True
Was ALL of Pennsylvania part of the US during the war? Hard Most of PA belonged to the US during the war.
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? Medium Thomas Jefferson
When did they get to Valley Forge? Medium Dec. 19, 1777
What was the name of the treaty that ended the Revolutionary War and the French and Indian war? Easy The treaty of Paris
When did the battle of Yorktown happen? Medium October 19, 1781
When was the Treaty of Paris signed? Medium September 3, 1783
When did the soldiers leave Valley Forge? Medium June 18, 1778
This was the battle when George Washington and his troops attacked on Christmas at night. Hard The battle of Trenton
Was there tax on glass? Easy No
Was Washington a general? Easy Yes
Who was the king of Britian? Easy King George III
The minute men were called minute men because why? Medium They could reload their gun in a minute



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