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Chapter 2

Important Events

Battle of Ypres
Battle of Sommes (July 1916-November) It was the bloodiest battle. Germans destroyed Canadians with their machine guns, 24,000 casualties. The conditions of the battle ground were atrocious.
Battle of Vimmy Ridge April 9,1917 Canadian victory! Under the command of General Julian Byng. Canadians bombarded Germans for a month while army engineers constructed secret tunnels. 3 days Canada had won. 10 500 casualites
Battle of Passchendaele 1917 Canadian General Arthur Currie, under General Haig's orders. Some soldiers drowned due to flooded trenches. victory with 15 000 Canadian casualties, almost 1/2 million from both sides.
Halifax Explosion December 6, 1917. Mont Blac carrying more thatn 2500 tonnes of dynamite was by another ship in Halifax harbour-destroying the harbour and parts of the city. 2000-3000 dead and 10,000 injured
Conscription Crisis PM Robert Borden promised no to consciption, however British PM David Lloyd George convinced he must to. Borden introduced Military Service Act resulting in conscription. This divided Canada.
Union Government Government set up by robert Borden (before election). It consisted of those who favoured conscription including some liberals. Won election because it greatly favouvred the war.
Wartime Elections Act Piece of Legislation passed by Borden prior to election. Gave women related to servicemen the right to vote, but cancelled the right for immigrants.
Hundred Days The final months of war. Canada had many successful offensives under the command of General Currie.
Armistice November 11,1918 @ 11:00 pm. Truce agreement signed by all warring parties to stop all hostilities. This was signed in a railway car in France.
Paris Peace Conference Called after siging the armistice, attended by the Allies and new leadership of Germany. Countries discussed the terms of a peace agreement. Borden got Canada its own seat.
Treaty of Versailles Document which set of the terms of the peace agreement (1919). Countires wanted compensation from Germany, they insisted that Germany take the blame for the war and pay $30 billion in repairs,
Industrialism Economic System built on lage industries rather than on agricultures or craftsmanship; built-up and increase of industry and development.
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