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The Age of Jackson

Ch 10 Test

______ _______ won many votes at the 1828 presidential election because he was described by his campaign as a war hero who had been poor and rose to success trough his own hard work Andrew Jackson
The social situation of the United States before Jacksonian Democracy was that power was in the hands of a few _______ individuals wealthy
The _______ frontier in the early 1800s lacked services such as roads and water western
The _______ _______ refers to a group of President Jackson's advisors who sometimes met in the White House kitchen. Kitchen Cabinet
The _____ ______ was/is the practice of rewarding loyal supporters with government jobs spoils system
______ ___ _____ was one of Andrew Jackson's strongest allies in his official cabinet. Martin Van Buren
_____ _______ argued that the United States was one nation, not a pact among independant states Daniel Webster
Northerners supported tariffs in the early 1800s because tariffs helped them compete with ______ manufacturers British
___________ objected to the so called Tariff of Abominations since they felt it would hurt their economy Southerners
____ _ _______ advanced the states' rights doctrine John C. Calhoun
President _______ reacted to Vice President John C. Calhoun's views on nullification by openly disagreeing with him and watching Calhoun resign Jackson
What effect did the Tariff of Abominations have on sectional differences in Andrew Jackson's America? Increased feelings of sectionalism / Northerners wanted tariffs and Southerners did not
Which state threatened to secede from the Union during Andrew Jackson's presidency? South Carolina
_________ _ ________ ruled that the national bank was unconstitutional. McCulloch v. Maryland
How did President Jackson weaken the power of the national bank? Andrew Jackson vetoed legislation that would have renewed the national bank's charter charter and he moved most of the national bank funds to state funds
Through the economic policies adopted by President Jackson before the Panic of 1837 did not fix the country's economic problems, they did not lower the ________ ____ national bank
The ____ Party favored a weak president and a strong congress Whig
What symbol represented was chosen to represent the Democratic Party during the 1800s? Donkey
______ ___ _____'s success in the presidential election of 1837 can be attributed to the inability of the opposing party to decide on one candidate. Martin Van Buren
The ______ __ ______ ______ was a federal government agency created to manage the removal of Native Americans to the west Bureau of Indian Affairs
A Cherokee named ______ used 86 characters to represent Cherokee symbols to create a writing system for their own complex language Sequoya
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