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Unit 9

Age of Jackson

Spoils System Jackson's practice of giving government jobs to political supporters
Jacksonian Democracy more power to the "common man" white men without land could vote
Trail of Tears March of Cherokees from their homelands in Georgia to the Indian territory
Corrupt Bargain bargain in 1824 between John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay that gave Adams the presidency
Whig Party Party formed by Jackson's opponents in the 1830's
Panic of 1837 Resulted from Jackson's war with the bank
Martin Van Buren Jackson's adviser and Vice President
Henry Clay Jackson's main rival and political oppornent
John C. Calhoun Jackson's vice president and political opponent in the Nullification crisis
Nicholas Biddle Second National Bank President and Jackson's opponent in his war with the bank
Osceola, Black Hawk, John Ross, Tsali Native Americans who resisted Jackson's removal
5 civilized tribes Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek Seminole
How did the Nullification Crisis end? Henry Clay get congress to pass compromise tariff of 1833
Nicknames for Jackson King Andrew, Old Hickory
Examples of Cherokee's "civilized" culture Newspaper, written language, farmers, Constitution, white clothing, education
Nullification Doctrine Idea that states could nullify or ignore a national law--based on Jefferson's Kentucky and Virginia resolutions
Tariff of Abominations High tariff on imported goods that the South hated
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