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Chapter 1

must know

suffragists a group of women who want the right to vote
Nellie McClung a well known suffragist campaigned for women's rights
Anne of Green Gables the much-loved romantic novel of Lucy Maud Montgomery (Canada started to become more urbanized in its literature and art)
Alaska Boundary Dispute the dispute over the Alaska Boundary which the British negotiated an agreement that favoured the US and Canada
imperialists people who shared the dreams of expanding the empire throughout the world by taking over new territories
nationalists people who have strong feeling attachment to his/her nation
ethnocentric believing their own race or group is superior
discrimination & racism Asian immigrants suffered from discrimination and racism
Komagata Maru the ship carring mostly Sikhs from East Indian was forced to return to Indian from Vancouver, when its passengers were refused entry into Canada
Chinese Head Tax every Chinese person immigrating to Canada had to pay the government a 50$ fee in 1885(increased later)
residential schools schools for Aboriginal children run by the churches
assimilation the policy of the federal government which was intended to make Aboriginal people abandon their culture and become part of the European way of life
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