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First World War

Social Studies 11 - Chapter Two

Which year was Franz Ferdinand, Crown Prince of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, assassinated by a Serbian nationalist? 1914
Which year did German invade Belgium and France? 1914
Which year did Britain declare war on Germany? 1914
Which year was War Measures Act passed? 1914
Which year were Canadian troops exposed to poisonous gas at Ypres, Belgium? 1915
Which year did women in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta gain the right to vote in provincial elections? 1916
Which provinces gave women the right to vote in provincial elections in 1916? Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.
Which year did Canadian troops capture Vimy Ridge, France? 1917
Which year did women in British Columbia and Ontario gain the right to vote in provincial elections? 1917
Which provinces gave women the right to vote in provincial elections in 1917? British Columbia and Ontario.
When was Wartime Elections Act passed? 1917
What was the Wartime Elections Act? It gave women related to servicemen the right to vote in federal elections.
Which year was Borden re-elected as the head of the Union Government? 1917
Which year was the battle of Passchendaele? 1917
Which year did Halifax Disaster happen? 1917
Which year was conscription imposed on Canadian? 1918
Which year was Armistice declared on the Western Front in Europe? 1918
Which countries were members of the Triple Alliance? Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy.
Which countries were members of the Triple Entente? France, Russia and Britain.
What is Militarism? Various countries may have acted as a deterrent to war in the short term but they failed to stop the massive build-up in armaments and armies, or militarism, that was taking place in Europe.
What is the balance of power? European countries expanded their armies in an effort to maintain the balance of power.
Which countries were known to be the Allies? The Triple Entente(France, Russia and Britain) was known to be the Allies.
Which year did Canada become a political union? 1867
Which year was the British North America Act passed? 1867
Who was the Prime Minister of Canada at the time of First World War. Robert Borden, the leader of Conservative.
What was the name of the army that was formed from the volunteers? Canadian Expeditionary Force
Who was the Minister of Militia at the time of First World War? Sam Hughes
What is the War Measures Act? The War Measures Act granted the Canadian Government the authority to do everything necessary for the security, defence, peace, order, and welfare of Canada. Civil liberties such as Habeas Corpus was suspended.
Under the War Measures Act, what was imposed on recent immigrants from Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Empire? Over half a million of them had to carry special identity cards and report regularly to registration officers. Another 8579 were half in isolation in internment camps.
What was the situation by Christmas 1914 in Northern France? By Christmas 1914, both sides were locked in a stalemate. The commanders failed to understand how new technologies like planes, machine guns and tanks require new tactics.
Which battle was fought around Belgium on April 22, 1915? The Second Battle of Ypres
What was used in the Second Battle of Ypres? French and Canadian troops were blinded, burned, and killed when the Germans used chlorine gas even though the use of gas for military purposes had been outlawed by international agreement since 1907.
Which battle was fought in July 1916? The Battle of Somme
What was the cause to the failure in the Battle of Somme? General Douglas Haig insisted on using strategies he knew had worked well in previous wars which were useless. 24,000 Canadians were killed in this battle.
Which battle was fought on April 9, 1917? The Battle of Vimy Ridge
Who was the commander of the allied troops in the Battle of Vimy Ridge? Julian Byng
How was the economy in Canada during the Second World War? The economy was booming since many munition factories employed many workers and so as many other production lines that were on high demand.
What was introduced during the Second World War to raise sufficient money? Income Tax and Victory Bonds were introduced though they were not sufficient to the cost of the war. By 1918, Canadian Government were deeply indebted and had to borrow money from other countries especially US.
What was the change in women's role in wartime Canada? When Canada's increased industrial production created a great demand for labour, women were hired for all types of work.
Which year did all Canadian women win the right to vote in federal elections? 1918
Which Prime Minister promised there would be no conscription? Prime Minister Borden
What happened on the Waster weekend of 1918? It was the Anti-Conscription Riot in Quebec.
Which year did Czar Nicolas of Russia abicated? 1917
When did the revolutionaries called Bolsheviks overthrew the provisional government in Russia? In October 1917
When did US declare war on Germany? April 1917
Which year was Treaty of Versailles signed? 1919
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