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Unit 10

Roaring Twenties

Charles Lindbergh first to fly solo nonstop across the Atlantic from NY to Paris in his plane, The Spirit of St. Louis
Lou Gehrig team mate of Babe Ruths, talented baseball player for the Yankees, died from ALS (Lou Gehrig disease)
Babe Ruth The Sultan of Swat, the Big Bambino, The Homerun King, record 60 homers in 1927
Dance marathons craze of the 20s where contestants could earn cash prizes for dancing the longest, dances could go on for days and partners help each other up during naps
Clara Bow "the it girl" with sex appeal and fame in the silent films
Rudolph Valentino known as the Great Lover he was a famous silent film star
Flappers young women who embraced the new attitudes, fashion, and dances of the decade
Sinclair Lewis famous author of the decade from Sauk Center, he wrote Babbit
F. Scott Fitzgerald famous author of the decade wrote the Great Gatsby
Redscare fear of communism in America, led to intolerance toward immigrants
Scopes Monkey Trial High school teacher John Scopes illegally taught the theory of evolution in his class prompting a trial sensation on changing ideas
jazz popular music in the decade originating among black musicians such as Louis Armstrong
stock market crash "Wall Street Laid an Egg" October 1929 an avalanche of selling coupled with panic drove stock values down ushering in the depression
Loeb and Leopold young men responsible for the killing of Bobby Franks because they wanted to see what kind of turmoil the perfect murder would cause
farm crisis farmers faced dwindling markets after WWI resulting in falling crop prices and debt and farm foreclosures
Sacco and Vanzetti two Italian anarchist immigrants charged with robbery and murder, found guilty and executed, but were they victims of the Redscare?
Gertrude Ederle young woman who swam across the English channel
Speakeasy illegal bar during Prohibition
Calvin Coolidge known as Silent Cal, who believed government should not interfere in the economy, stating, "The business of America, is Business." He followed Warren Harding and preceded Herbert Hoover
George Washington Carver African American scientist who despite the discrimination and prejudice of the day excelled as a botanist
Harlem Renaissance period of literature, art, & music growing out of the African American community
Al Capone gangster who controlled a bootlegging empire in Chicago
Prohibition the Noble Experiment began with the 18th amendment, failed miserably as people still wanted to drink, ended with the 21st amendment
Suffrage women finally have the right to vote, thanks to the 19th amendment, and participate for the first time in the presidential election of 1920
Herbert Hoover president when the stock market crashed and the Great Depression began, he initially did little believing prosperity was just around the corner
flagpole sitting oddity of the decade in which Alvin Shipwreck Kelley sat on a flagpole for 13 days
Admiral Byrd first to fly over Antartica
Created by: ndouvier