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Carson&Colton Japan1

Studying Feudal Japan for challenge Day

What was the main religion of Japan before the Classical period? Shinto
Which country influenced Japanese literature? China
Which religion is introduced in the classical period? Buddhism
What is feudalism? A social hierarchy
What makes up the social pyramid? Emperor,Shogun,Daimyo,Samurai,Ronin, Peasants,Artisans,Merchants.
Which European country traded firearms with Japan? Portugal
Which religion is introduced from Europeans? Christianity
Why was the Edo period peaceful? Japan isolated itself, so no world problems
What year does Japan become isolated? 1635
How long is Japan isolated? 1635-1854
When does Japanese isolation end? 1854
What is ethnocentrism? Judging people or cultures according to your own standards or culture.
Who convinces Japan to open its ports? Commodore Matthew Perry
Why did Japan want to get rid of Chinese influence? Because they wanted to be completely isolated
What is Noh? Theater for the rich and noble. All roles are played by men.
What is Kabuki? Theater for the common people. All roles are played by men.
True or False The Current Japanese Emperor is related to the first Japanese Emporer True
Which shogunate ruled during the Edo Period? Tokugawa Shogunate
The Japanese language has some similar characters (letters) as what other language? Chinese
What were two differences Manjiro noticed between American and Japan? Glass windows, and People sat in chairs
Read this sentence: The kids raced to the top of the stairs. What part of speech is “of the stairs”? Prepositional phrase
What is bushido, and who followed it? Bushido is a code to live by and Samurai lived by it.
Read this sentence: Lilly loves to draw ancient dragons. What part of speech is “dragons”? noun
What type of sentence is this? The teachers were nervous because the students were acting very weird Complex
Which style of dress is unique and representative of Japan? Kimono
Which is the lowest social class in Japan? Merchants
Who were the only foreigners allowed to come to trade during Japan’s isolation? People from the netherlands/dutch people.
Name 2 items that can be made from a Sperm Whale? Soap,Ivory
Name a type of food unique to Japan. Ramen or Sushi
Identify the verb in this sentence: Alex is my best friend! is
Who were the samurai and who did they protect? The Samurai were elite warriors who protected the emperors and the shogun, and lived by the Bushido code
What does RAPP stand for? Restate, answer, prove with 2 pieces of evidence, and proofread
What did the people of Japan think of foreigners? They are demons and devils
What type of conjunction is being used in this sentence? My mom likes ice cream but her favorite dessert is cake FANBOYS
What type of sentence is this? Even though they could be very frustrating, Mrs. Mac loves teaching kids and she is happy to be at school every day. compound-complex
Why didn’t Manjiro try to go back to Japan after he was shipwrecked? Because he would be imprisoned or killed
Who is Commodore Matthew Perry? An American Commodore who forced Japan to open its ports to other nations.
How is the Japanese Emperor different from the Chinese Emperor? The Japanese emperor is a figurehead and does nothing, the Chinese emperor rules the country.
Identify the conjunction in this sentence: I gave him the book so he could study. So
What job did Manjiro begin at age 14? Fishing
Identify the subject of this sentence: The naughty students danced around the room. students
How did Japan become independent from Chinese cultural influences? By becoming Isolated
During the Classical Period, which country influenced Japanese culture and writing? China
How old was Manjiro when his father died? 9
Identify the prepositional phrase in this sentence: The broom is in the closet. in the closet
True or False: Japan was isolated during the American Revolution, so people in Japan did not know that the United States was a new country. True
Define shogun. The military ruler of Japan
Japan was isolated during which period in Japanese history? Edo
In drawings/pictures, how did the Japanese depict foreigners? Long noses, Hairy, evil, demon-like
What is the direct object of this sentence? I love tacos! Tacos
Who were daimyo? Lords of Japan, Vassals for Shogun
Which religion originated in Japan? Shinto
Created by: Carson2992



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