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Agriculture Production of crops, livestock, or poultry The island is mainly devoted to agriculture.
Audible Something you can hear He leaned close to his aunt and spoke in an audible whisper.
Beneficial Having a good outcome Rolling the land is beneficial to young crops.
Circumvent To get around something The burglar tried to find a way to circumvent the alarm system.
Interdiction Forbidding something Do you think the latest interdiction will stop people from organizing dog fights?
Durable Long lasting It is not as durable as round rope and is heavier for the same working strength.
Equivalent Having the same amount The equivalent sides were all the same length
Hydrophobia Fear of water In order to prevent hydrophobia dogs may only be kept under certain restrictions.
Lunacy Madness caused by the moon The Govan lunacy board opened in 1896 an asylum near Paisley.
Navigate To direct a course of a ship Large steamers navigate up to Galatia and Braille.
Unipedicular Pertaining to a single pedicle The unipedicular bike only had one pedal
Psychology Study of mind He wrote both on psychology and on metaphysics, but is known especially as a historian of philosophy.
Scientist Person having knowledge in Science The mad scientist is right-- we can't let anything living out of this town.
Solar Involving the sun The solar rays heated the water on my yard.
Inspect To look at carefully I had to inspect the area to make sure it was okay to go into.
Abjure To recant under oath At the council of Pisa, where he was compelled to abjure his errors and was sentenced to imprisonment.
Malady Bad health The same year symptoms of a fatal malady appeared, and death followed.
Absentee Person that is absent The kid was absentee because he was sick.
Midget Little person The midget was shorter than everyone else and couldn't see the show.
Demonstration Act of showing The lady gave a demonstration on how to tie your shoe.
Ingress Act of entering; coming in If you sit in front of the doorway, you are creating a safety hazard by blocking the path of ingress into the hospital.
Unincorporated Not included as part of a whole Of Cold Spring, is unincorporated, but is the most important of the three and has the largest summer colony.
Insensitive Showing or feeling no concern for others feelings I don't mean to be insensitive, but I was so busy today that I didn't eat lunch.
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