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animal farm

who does snowball represent Trotsky pig competes against napoleon for leader.
who does napoleon represent stalin pig
who does jones represent tsar Nicholas farmer
who does Muriel represent educated workers goat
who does molly represent aristocrats who fled Russian revolution horse
who does pinchfeild farm and Fredrick represent germany
who does Benjamin represent oldest generation understands everything donkey
old major karl mark lennin
animal farm soviet union communism;farm
napoleons dogs kgb; guards dogs
moses church raven
squealer prpoganda Russian news letter pig
confessions and executions stalins perges
napoleon becomes a dictator stalin becomes dictator
animal rebellion Russian revolution
snowball driven from farm Trotsky exiled
boxer working class, boxer rebellion in china horse
foxwood arm ( pilkington britain
battle of windmill Germany invading russia
building of windmill
napoleon and Pilkington both paying ace of spades Russian revolution comes back to the beginning
autocracy: government ruled by one person with unlimitedauthority
communism; government single party has power everyone is equal
karl marx; german socialist wrote communist manifesto
socialism; political theory advocating ownershipof industry
Marxism; thought that class struggle has been the main agency of historical change
bolsheivicks democratic Russian workers advocated abrupt and forcefuo seizure of pwer
vladimr lennin; Russian revolution leader used teachings and writing of karl marx to carry out revolution
joseph stalin; Russian revolution leader took control of Russia cruel and harsh after lennins death. cause of 20 million deaths
leon Trotsky; Russian revolutionary: philosopher not as harsh as stalin.
how did boxer die pig sold him to knacker for a box of whiskey
why do the animals believe squealer and napoleon; they were uneducated scared and threatned
what did Fredrick do to napoleon for the timber he paid fake money for timber
why was Stalin exiled thretned stalins power of russia
how did animal farm revolution happen jones didn't feed animals so they got mad and drove farmers out of animal farm(not planned)
who says" and hear is a toast to manor farm napolean
pinchfeild farm has which farmer fredrick
foxwood farm has which farmer pilwkington
what makes the pigs seem human like have weapons stand on two legs wear cloths slepp in bed and drink
what was the first phrase sheep blurted out to stop snowball from talking four legs good two legs bad
what phrae ddi the sheep blurt out when it was a few days before meeting with humnas four legs good two legs better
how does napoleon seem higher than everyone else has a food poisoner tester:pinkeye, eats meals alone ,sleeps in bed, drinks, gets more food, does little or no work, acts as a dictator
Created by: lolabrewski



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