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British North America Act passed in 1867, established a Canada with its own constitution.
Czar Alexander II March 1891, this divine right monarch issued the emancipation of serfs in russia.
Otto Von Bismark Appointed by William I as german prime minister; strengthened army and created friction with other european countries.
Giuseppe Garibaldi hailed by Italians as a hero; involved in the unification of Italy.
Bolivar & San Martin Led independence movements in South America.
Touissant Led the slave revolt and independence movements in South America.
Romanticism Movement and time period characterized by a rebellion against the scientific revolution & the enlightenment; expressed in the arts, music, & literature.
Klemans von Metternich Brain power and influential member at the congress of Vienna; Austrian foreign minister.
Germanic Confederation First step forward towards german unity.
Liberalism Political philosophy based on the ideals of the enlightenment; Bill of Rights, civil liberties.
Socialism political system where the government owns various industries and provides the public with services such as medicine, higher education, etc.
Conservatism Based on tradition, social stability, obediance to authority, and strong religious values.
Capitalism Economic system driven by profit, supply and demand; free enterprise.
Entrepeneur Thinkers who see things outside the box and are interested in finding new company opportunities and making profit.
Cottage Industry Production method where industry accord in the homes or in isolation.
Created by: Henry Knecht