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Chapter two ss 11

Chapter two timeline

Who is assassinated in 1914? Franz Ferdinanz, Crown Prince of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. By a Serbian nationalist on June 29, 1914.
Germany invades which nations in 1914? Belgium and France.
How did Britain react to Germany's aggression? Declared war, which resulted in Canada's involvement of the war.
Well what is the meaning of life? 42
What time was War Measures Act passed in Canada? By who? 1914, by Borden.
1915? Canadian troops were appalled by the abundance of poisonous gas in Ypres, Belgium.
What happened to women in 1916? They could vote.Only in Man., Sas., and Alb. Also only provincial elections.
1916: Battle of what? Battle of Somme. which almost destroyed the Newfoundland Regiment.
Year what did Canadian troops capture Vimy Ridge, France? 1917.
Consider spouses of servicemen, how did they get the rights to vote? By the Wartime Elections Act in 1917.
When did BC and Ontario women get to vote in provincial elections? 1917.
Who was reelected in 1917? Borden.
Muddy battle. Canada's success in Passchendaele in 1917.
Halifax was flattened by what in 1917? A huge explosion caused by a French munition ship.
What becomes mandatory in 1918? Constitution.
Western Front, what? 1918, Armstice declared in Europe.
Created by: jlian