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Socials Chapter 1

A Different Canada

Wilfrid Laurier Purposed the vision of the next 100 years for Canadian development
Victorian Era 1837-1901 Appearance of moral strictness.Attended church regularly, supported Britain and monarchy
Suffragist Group of women-wanted the right to vote
Nellie McClung Well known suffragist, along with other women, campaigned for womens' rights
Alaska Boundary Dispute Settled in 1903, British declared Lynn Canal was part of Alaska not British Columbia
Imperialists English-speaking Canadians proud to be British subjects ( Supported Britain in Boer War)
Nationalists A person with a strong attachment to their nation.
Henri Bourassa Voiced concerns of french-canadiens when their minority wasn't protected. Against Canada's involvements in Britain's wars.
Ethnocentric Believing their own race/group were superior
Head Tax Every Chinese immigrant to Canada had to pay a $50 fee to the government
Aboriginal Peoles 1880's, lived in the Prairies on reserves or designated areas of land
Reserves Designated area of land
Residential Schools Schools for Aboringal children run by churches. They were overcrowded and in an unsanitary states
Assimilation Adoption of a minority group, intended to make people abandon their culture and follow European culture
Urbanization Process- an area changes from Rural to Urban
Trade Union Workers united to achieve goals in discussions with owners and management of businesses and industries
Recession Decline in Economy- Less employment and production
1896 Wildfrid Laurier ( Liberals) elected Prime Minister
1899 Volunteers sent to fight in Boer War, South Africa
1903 Alaska Boundary Dispute is settled
1905 Alberta and Saskatchewan become provinces
1906 BC Native chief take land claim to King Edward VII, England
1907 Vancouver Race Riot
1908 Anne of Green Gables published
1909 1st air plane flight in Canada
1911 Laurier Era ends
1912 RMS Titanic sinks off the coast of Newfoundland
1914 -WWI begins -Komagatmaru refused landing in Vancouver
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