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Socials 11 - 3

Chapter 3

What strike took place in 1919? the Winnipeg General Strike. post war dissatisfaction.
What group is established, containing canada as a full fledged member in 1920? The league of nations.
What Province is first to end the alcohol prohibition in 1920? B.C.
What kind of Government is elected in 1921? A minority.
who was the first woman elected to parliament in 1921? Agnes Macphail.
Who were the two men who discovered the widely known drug insulin in 1921? Frederick Banting and Charles Best.
The King Byng crisis in 1926 focused mainly on what? Autonomy from Britain.
The Imperial conference in 1926 led to what? The publication of the Balfour report.
In 1927 the federal government allowed for what, therefore introducing government run social assistance for the first time in Canada. Old Age Pensions.
In 1928, allied tribes of British Columbia went to Ottawa to argue what? Land Treaty Negotiations.
The persons case of 1929 opened the way for Canadian women to be appointed to what? The senate.
What crashes in 1929? The stock market.
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