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New Deal

What was the new deal Franklin Roosevelt's 's set of federal programs in response to the great depression
Agricultural Adjustment Act paid farmers for not planting crops in order to reduce surpluses to increase prices
Civil Works Administration Employed four million people for an average pay of 15 a week
Farm Security Administration Aided Sharecroppers by setting up temporary housing
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Insured bank customers up to $5,000 if their bank should fail
federal Emergency Relief Administration supported nearly 5 million households each month and funded thousands of work projects for the unemployed
federal housing administration stimulated the building industry by providing small loans for home construction
Indian Reorganization Act reversed the forced assimilation policies in affect of the Dawes act
National Labor Relations Act protected the rights or organized labor to organize and collectively bargain with employers
National Recovery Adminitration promoted economic recovery by ending wage and price deflation and restored competition
National Youth Administration provided more than 4 and a half million jobs for young individuals
Public Works Administration Intended for both industrial recovery and unemployment relief
Rural Electrification Andministration Gave low cost loans to farm cooperatives to bring power to their communities
Securities and Exchange Commission Protected investors from stock market fraud
Social Security Administration administered a national pension fund for retired persons, an unemployment insurance system, and public assistance programs for dependent mothers, children, and the physically disabled
Tennessee Valley Authority Economically developed the Tennessee River Watershed
Works Progress Administration employed at least 8.5 million people at an average of $2 a day
What were the three main points of the new deal Relief, Recovery, Reform
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