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25 question review

Which big idea is the basic powers distributed throughout Separation of powers
Which big idea holds no government is all-powerful Limited government
Which big idea does all political power reside in the people Popular sovereignty
Which big idea is defined as the power of a court to determine the constitutionality of a governmental action Judicial review
Which big idea are the powers held by government are distributed on a territorial basis federalism
In which big idea is each branch subject to a number of constitutional restraints by other branches Checks and balances
Which article outlines how to amend the constitution Article 5@
Which article makes the executive branch of government Article 2
Which article establishes the laws and treaties of the United States made in accordance with it as the supreme law of the land Article 6
Which article creates the court system Article 3
Which article gives Congress its powers and limits. Article 1
Which amendment allowed woman to vote 19th amendment
Which amendment allowed 18year olds to vot 26th amendment
Which amendment gave congress power to tax incomes 16th
Which amendment provides equal protection under law 14th
Which amendment places limit on presidential term 22nd
Which amendment prevents cruel and unusual punishment 8th
Which amendment states no one can be tried twice for the same crime 7th
Which amendment guarantees trial by jury 6th
Which amendment allowed for direct election of senators 17th
Why was the preamble written To state why the constitution is being written
Which amendment ended slavery 13th
Which amendment allowed freedom of speech, religion, petition, press, assembly 1st
Which amendment banned poll tax as a qualification for voting 24th
Which amendment said voting can't be denied based on race 15th
Which amendment protects someone from self incrimination 5th
Which amendment identified powers reserved to the states 10th
Created by: LCedeno36