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SS11 (JohnYoon)


A group of women, who wanted the right to vote. suffragists
What was the year when Vancouver race did not occur? 1907
one of the most important leaders of Canada's first wave of feminism, and she is still remembered for her role in the famous "Person's Case" which saw Canadian women declared persons in 1929. Nellie McClung
Alaska Boundary dispute is settled. 1903
English-speaking Canadians, who were proud to be British subjects, and shared British's dreams of expanding the British Empire throughout the world. imperialists
French-Canadians, who believed that Canada should be more independent from Britain. nationalists
Canadians, who were believing their own race or group was superior. ethnocentric
A fee all the Chinese immigrants had to pay under the Chinese Immigration Act in 1885. head tax
Schools for Aboriginal children run by the churches residential schools
When did wilfrid laurier, leader of the Liberals, become prime minister? 1896
When did Canada send volunteers to fight in Boer war in South Africa? 1899
Alberta and Saskatchewan become provinces. 1905
Vancouver race riot occurs. 1907
Laurier era ends. 1911
World War 1 begins. 1914
Klondike Gold Rush begins. 1896
The federal government's policy, which was intended to make Aboriginal people abandon their traditional culture and become part of the European way of life. Assimilation
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