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A Different Canada

Social Studies 11 - Chapter One

Which year did Wilfrid Laurier, the leader of the Liberals, become Prime Minister? 1896
Which year did Canada send volunteers to fight in Boer War in South Africa? 1899
Which year was Alaska Boundary dispute settled? 1903
Which year did Alberta and Saskatchewan become provinces of Canada? 1905
Which year did B.C. native chiefs take land claim to King Edward VII of England? 1906
Which year did Vancouver Race Riot happen? 1907
Which year was Anne of Green Gables is published? 1908
Which year did Fist airplane flight in Canada take place? 1909
Which year did Laurier Era end? 1911
Which year did RMS Titanic sink off coast of Newfoundland? 1912
Which year did World War I start? 1914
Which year was the passenger on Komagata Maru refused landing at Vancouver? 1914
What was known as the attitudes of Victorian England from 1837 to 1901? Its appearance of moral strictness. Families were expected to attend church regularly; they supported Britain and the monarchy, and believed in honour, virtue, and duty. It was an age in which right and wrong, good and evil seemed clear.
What is the intentions of the Suffragists? They are pushing for the right to vote and they believed thus they could influence government to address social problems of the day such as child labour, pollution, and widespread poverty.
Who was Nellie McClung? Nellie McClung was a well-known suffragist who, together with other women, campaigned for women's rights.
What advantages would Canada or United gain by having access to the Lynn Canal? Lynn Canal provided access to Yukon, where gold had been discovered.
What was known as the "penhandle"? It is a strip of land running sown the Pacific Coast between British Columbia and Alaska.
Who were the "imperialists" and the "nationalists"? English-speaking Canadians who shared Britain's dreams of expanding its Empire and supported Britain in Boer War, 1899 were the "imperialists". French-speaking Canadians who believe Canada should be more independent from Britain were the "nationalists."
What was the meaning of being ethnocentric? Most Canadians were ethnocentric, believing that their own race or group was superior than others.
What was the Chinese Head Tax? In 1885, the federal government wanted to discourage Chinese people from immigrating to Canada and therefore they passed the Chinese Immigration Act which required Chinese immigrants to pay the government a fee called a Head Tax.
When was the Federal Indian Act passed? 1876
What was the assimilations of aboriginals? They were subject to remain on reserves and their children were sent to residential schools. It was meant to make Aboriginal people abandon their traditional culture and become part of the European way of life.
Created by: sddt333