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Chapter 11

Having to do with the building and testing of aircraft and equipment for air and space travel. aerospace
Petroleum pumped from the ground. crude oil
A place where people use instruments, such as telescopes, for observation of objects and events in space observatory
The process of the sun's heat turning water into a gas form. evaporation
To dig out the bottom and sides of a waterway to make it deeper and wider. dredge
A factory that turns crude oil into useful product, such as gasoline and other fuels. refinery
A landscaping method that conserves water. xeriscape
Land set aside by the government for use by Native Americans. reservation
In the Southwest region laws require people to limit their use use of water. They use xeriscape. Plant __________________ plants. desert
Which Southwest state is the nation's largest producer of oil? Texas
Ranching, areospace, oil, manufacturing and _____________________ are some industries in the Southwest. tourism
Where do most people in the Southwest live? cities
European Americans, African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics and _______________________ are the 5 groups of people that make Oklahoma and Texas culturally diverse. Vietnamese
Grand Canyon and ________________ _________________ are some tourist attractions in the Southwest. Carlsbad Caverns
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