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To the East To the West

Characteristics of the Incas They lived in the mountains of what is now Peru in south America. They began to built their empire in 1200 A.D.
Shogun A great general governing japan
Acupuncture Treating pain or illness by putting needles into certain parts of the body.
Mongol people Lossley organized into groups, expert horsemen, and skilled at using the bow and arrow, and also lived to the north of China in the vast plains of Central Asia
Events in the Mogul Empire 1206 Muslim set up a gov't in Delhi 1348- Tamerlane from central Asia capture Delhi. 1526- Barbar from Afghanistan invades and conquered India and started the Mogul empire.
Samurai A class of warriors in the Japanese feudal system.
Barter To trade goods or services without using money.
Gunpowders Were used to make firework and later for battle in china.
Silk Road A route that was made in China so the Chinese could travel to the Western world.
Forge To work into shape by heating and hammering.
Characteristics of the Aztecs Settled in a large valley in Mexico. They built one of the most advanced civilizations in the Americans, they conquered and ruled five to six million people.
Papermaking Was made from wood ash and cloth.
Missionary A person sent by a church to other countries to spread a religion.
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