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China Vocabulary

China Vocabulary Isabel Castellanos

Subtle finely detalied
Minimize to reduce to as little or as few as possible
Reatain to hold on to
Define to state the meaning of
Alter to change
compound combination of different chemical ingredients
Tang Taizong a military leader known as tang taizong
Bureaucracy is a system of government with many departments and bureaus all added appointed officials
Empress Wu was the only woman emperor in Chinese history
Li Bo one of the most famous people poets was Li Bo
Scholars officials highly educated servants who entered government only after passing special examinations
Merit system is a process hiring and promoting people based on talent and skills , rather than on wealth or social status
Urbanization or the growth of cities
Nirvana is a state of complete peace
Wuzong the worst attacks came during the region of the emperor wuzong
Zhu Xi a scholar official named zhu xi was the most famous neo Confucian thinker
Land tenture refers to the way land is owned and distributed in a religion
Literacy or the ability to read and write
Money economy economy in which people use currency rather than barter to buy and sell goods
Porcelian a hard white pottery of extremely fine quality
Created by: isabelc3
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