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Religon and That Q&A

Religion and That Q&A Tatiana Padilla

Why was their a three main system? The three main belife system were shaped kife in china under the Tang and the song.
What is Daoism? Daoism ia an ancient Chinese philosophy.
When did Daoism began? Daoism began as a philosophy.
what is Buddhism? Buddhism is a religon based on the teachings of the Indian spiritural leader SiddharthaGautama.
How did Buddhism enter China? Buddhism entered China during the Han Dynasty.
When did a land in pure of buddhism? Pure Land Buddhism emphasized salvation through faith.
When did Chan Begin? Chan began with the teachings of Indan Buddhist named Bodhidharma.
Why did Buddasim get popular? By the time of the Tang Dynasty, Buddasim had millions of followerws.
Why did it opposwed to Buddasim? Other critics opposed the Buddhist withdraw from the world.
When did Wuzong order distruction? In 845, he orderd the distruction of 4,600 Buddhist Monasteries and 40,000 temples.
Why did Buddahism regaun power? Buddahism did not fully regain its power and popularity
How did it come from Confuciansim? Much of the opposition to Buddahsim came from the followers from Confucianism.
Where did Confucius live? Confucuius lived from 551 to 479 B.C. a time of warfare and disorder in China?
What was Confuis about? Confucuis was baseed on respect for family qand the sociL ORDER.
Why did he say to people you can Impropve? He
Created by: tatianap2
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