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religion and though

Q & A cristian juarez

Did each person play a important role? yes they all played a important role.
Is Daoism is ancient to chines? Yes it was ancient to chines philosophy.
Did practices turn into religion? Yes it turn into religion for the followers .
Is buddhism a religion? It is a religion to the Indian spiritual leader.
when did the buddhism enter china? They entered during the Han dynasty.
Did the Amithaba performed rituals? Yes they did for after death into a paradise.
What was the other major school? It was the chan buddhism.
By the time of tang Dynasty how much followers did they have? They had millions of followers.
What did they consider chines criticized buddhism? They consider them as a alien religion.
What did the world want the chines to do? They believed chines should involved in society and family life.
What did criticism led to ? It led to violent persecution.
Did the buddhism ever recover? No they never fully recover?
As buddhism lost influence what happened? criticism increased.
How long did confucius live? Confucius lived until 551 to 479 B.C.
What was confucianism for? It was based on respect for family and social order?
What was confucius? Stressed the importance of moral virtue.
what did confucianism began as? It began as a pratical philosophy.
What did neo-confucianists continue to studuy? they continued to practice the classic writings of cunfucius.
what was zhu xi famous for? he was most famous Neo-confucian thinker.
what did the neo-confucianists? It had a great influence.
Created by: cristiaj3



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