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Ancient China/India

Philosopher A person who seeks wisdom or enlightenment
Industry A business that manufactures a particular product, such as silk
Clan A large group of friends and family
Plateau A flat area of land that is elevated, or raised above the land around it
Bureaucracy A form of government in which a few people rule many others
Cultural Diffusion The spread of ideas, inventions and behaviors
Unification The process of unifying
Huang He Civilizations formed along the Huang He (Yellow River) valley
Gobi Desert One of the world's largest deserts
Social Classes Nobles, Craftspeople, Traders, Farmers, Slaves
Bronze Mix of copper and tin Bronze weapons and tools bring power and wealth
Silk Silkworms were raised for silk and the silk was made into rich cloth
Calligraphy Writing with 2,00 characters
The Great Wall A symbol of China's large size and long history Built to protect the northern border of China
Military Iron armor, Swords, Crossbows, and Gunpowder Use of kite to send messages
Agriculture Chain pump to move water, iron plow, and wheelbarrow
Science Compass, Seismograph, Rockets, Mechanical Clock, Movable type
Medicine Acupuncture, Inoculation
Art Porcelain
Subcontinent India is surrounded by water on 3 sides and separated from the rest of Asia by 2 mountain ranges
Indus River Provides water for farmland Location of India's first civilization
Ganges River Flows through Northern India
Himalaylas Creates the northern border of India between China
Hindu Kush One of the highest mountain ranges in the world Creates a border between India and modern Afganistan
Universities Upper class students studied religion, mathematics, astronomy, chemistry, and Sanskrit
Literature Poetry, Fables, Folktales, Plays, Law, and Religious Writings
Metalwork Created coins
Mathematics Created the first form of the numbers we use today
Roads Connected the empire and connected India to China and the Mediterranean Sea region
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